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Critique My Workout?


Hey guys, can ya critique ma workout please, this is for mass, and from looking at all of the posts and scientific evidence this is what i've come up with,
Each exercise has 4 sets, in a 12, 8, 6, 4 method of reps.

Monday - Back
T-Bar Row
Seated Row
DB One arm Row

Tuesday - Chest
Bench Press
Incline Press
DB Press
Pec Dec

Wednesday - Legs
45 degree press
Quad extentions
Hamstring Curls

Thursday - Shoulders
BB Press
DB Press (only 3 sets)
Side Laterals
Bent Over raises
Front raises

Friday - Arms/Forearms
BB Curls
Concentration Curls
Tricep Pushdowns
Close Grip Bench Press
Wrist Curls

I do calves every monday, wednesday and friday, and abs every tuesday and thursday


You should hit your muscles more than once a week

  1. You have outlined way too much volume here-- that is my main concern. On your back day, you do 16 sets of different rowing motions and THEN 4 sets of deadlift. Way too much. Similar things can be said about the rest of the outline.

  2. You are not prioritizing your main lifts. Tuesday is chest and you start with bench press-- good. Wednesday is legs and you start with squats--also good. Monday you should be starting with deadlift, and Friday you should be starting with close grip bench, as those should be the most demanding exercises.

  3. Cut out the exercises that don't give you the most bang for your buck for now. Isolation exercises have their place in a more advanced program, but if you are posting on here with this program, then you aren't to that point yet. Cut out the exercises that are not multi-joint. i.e. concentration curl only involves the elbow joint (isolation), but shoulder press involves the elbow AND shoulder joint (multi-joint).

  4. Don't forget about pull ups and dips! These are crucial upper body exercises that you have not included.

  5. Read Chad Waterbury's Total-Body Training article and also Dan John's OLAD (One Lift A Day) programs. They don't necessarily have to be what you choose to do, but you should read them for different perspective on setting up a training split.


Thanks for the advice man, so what about.

Bench Press
Incline Press
Decline Press

Seated Row
Pull ups

45 degree Press

BB Press
DB Press
Side Raises
Bent raises

Close Grip Bench Press
BB Curls
Standing Curls


That's still way too much volume.


First, what's your:

height, weight, bf%, diet, age, goals, max bench, squat, deadlift?


Why in God's name would you do lat pulldowns?!?!?! And why would you want to do them before pullups???


Honestly, the program needs a lot of work, and I question where you got your "scientific" information from.

First off, too much volume. Pick one exercise per body part, maybe two, and hit it hard.

Second, way too infrequent. Lift in an upper body/lower body split doing each twice a week.

Third, SQUAT! If you're looking for mass, hit the squats hard and often. High intensity, 3-5 reps, work particularly well with 8 to 10 work sets.

Remember, quality over quantity.


Your thinking is off. Your idea of a "program" is straight out of a useless "bodybuilding" magazine.

Re-educate yourself. Study some of the programs in this site's archives.

That's not to say that what you're doing is "bad," I followed similar protocols years ago and saw gains -- HOWEVER -- there IS a better way.


only bb chest exerices on monday. Try bb bp, db inc bp, db flys.
pulldowns on tues. Drop them
deadlifts on tues, squats on wed. No good. switch wed and fri
3 quad exercises wed, one hamstring exercise. replace leg extensions with gluteham raises
replace db press with upright rows on thurs
two v. similar curls on fri, replace one with partial chinups or preacher curls

four tricep exercises and four leg exercises. drop at least one of the tricep exercises, I would move the dips to monday.
finally, all i have said is redundant, as your frequency is too low for straight sets.
IMO you would get better results off of a 3 or 2 day split, or a full body workout. Or almost any program on this site.


Did you take a look at the articles I said to read?

I'm in and out of the gym in 45-65 mins. If you're spending much more than that then you've got too much volume or you aren't working hard enough.




Yeah man ease up on the volume,unless u have some vitamin s with ya.

Look if u want to work a bodypart do it,u dont "have" to train a bodypart more than once a week.All trail and error for a while chief.
With all the volume u are doing now i suggest u try a program called max-ot.I seem to get my best gains from this program but it all personal choice.

Good luck



Try this:

A-1: Decline Dumbell Bench Press (5x5)
A-2: Decline Bench Dumbell Flies (5x5)
B-1: Weighted Dips (5x5)
B-2: Flat Bench Dumbell Flies (5x5)
C-1: Weighted Pullups (5x5)
C-2: One Arm Cable Rows (5x5)
D-1: Bent-Over Barbell Rows (5x5)
D-2: Cable Rows

A-1: Front Squats (5x5)
A-2: Lunges (5x5)
B-1: One Leg Back Extensions (5x5)
B-2: Leg Curls (5x5)
C-1: Deadlifts (5x5)
C-2: One Leg Deadlifts (5x5)
D-1: Choose an ab exercise (5x5)
D-2: Choose another ab exercise (5x5)

Wednesday: Off

A-1: EZ Bar Curls (5x5)
A-2: Dumbell Curls (5x5)
B-1: Preacher Curls (5x5)
B-2: Hammer Curls (5x5)
C-1: Overhead Rope Tricep Extension (5x5)
C-2: One Arm Cable Tricep Pressdown (5x5)
D-1: Lying Tricep Extensions (5x5)
D-2: Cable Pressdowns (5x5)

Friday: Off

A-1: Push Press (5x5)
A-2: One-Arm Lateral Raise (5x5)
B-1: Standing Dumbell Shoulder Press (5x5)
B-2: Barbell Front Raise (5x5)
C-1: Seated Cable Row to Neck (5x5)
C-2: Incline Rear Delt Raise

Sunday: Off (or Calf work like 15 minutes 3.5mph on a 8 degree incline or more incline if necessary)

Ok, this is a sound program. Lots of volume like you want. Please refer to OVT for more info on this. Search the article to find OVT.


Thanks guys, i appreciate it




I'm serious :slight_smile:
Search the site for Optimised Volume Training by CT. This is it. Been doing it for 6 weeks now and it's really good. The whole week rest between each body part is sufficient to allow you to recover. Although it is a good idea to do at least a couple of low stress weeks after these two weeks otherwise you WILL die.


CT himself has said that the OVT program is not as good as some of the stuff he's come out with lately like the block accumulation program for bodybuilders.


Yes, that is true. Still, it's a program that tickles my testies! :slightly_smiling:

It's my first experience with a CT workout and i don't think it'll be my last either.