Critique My Workout

I used to do a 3 way split posted by Bonez. I think it’s also known as the yates split. Definitely put on some size on my torso, but not much on my arms. So now i’m thinking the following:

Squat 3x5
Knee Press 2x8
RDL 2x8

Smith Calf Raise
5x6 (I have weak ass gastrocs, pretty good soleus tho)

BB bench 3x5
Incline DB bench 3x5
Weighted Dips 2x5

Overhead shrugs 2x5
Hang Cleans 2x3
DB shrugs 2x8
My traps are really weak, but I can never seem to get them sore with BB shrugs, which also seem to put a lot of strain on my back/neck/jaw even when I tuck in my chin.

BB row 3x5
Rack pull 3x5
weighted chins 3x5

rear delt raises 2x8
face pulls 2x8

BB press 2x5
lateral raises 2x8

BB curls 2x5
DB incline curl 2x5

close grip bench 2x5
PJR pullover 2x5

jump rope 15 minutes

So basically, four days on, one day off of mild aerobics to work on my conditioning, which is crap right now. As stated before, I now have a separate day for arms, since before, on the three way split, I always felt fatigued when hitting my arms or shoulders after the bigger body parts.

Also, I’m doing the PLP program several hours after my workout. I’ve noticed that when doing push ups and pull ups on a daily basis even when i was doing the 3 way split was when I noticed the most gains.

Please tell me if I’m doing anything retarded, like if I should ditch the PLP program or that this split is dumb since I have a day for just my arms.

Read this. Might help you out.