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Critique My Workout



I have been training at a small gym in my hometown for three months now on a full body program that the gym owner set up for me. My goal is to build muscle. Now he is putting me on a 4 day body part split. I have learnt a lot by reading through T-Nation the past few months and I was wondering what you guys would think of the new program.

(all sets are 3 x 10-12

Day 1: Incline bench
Incline flys
Flat bench
Chest flys (using machine)

Day 2: Lat pulldowns
Bent over BB rows
One arm rows

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Military presses
DB side laterals
Upright rows
Reverse rows

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: (squat rack is on way so this workout will be changed when squats are availabe)

   Leg press wide stance
   Leg Extensions
   DB lunges
   Leg curls
   Leg press close stance

Day 7: Rest



In my honest opinion your day 2 (back workout day) is slightly too taxing on the nervous system. Take away the 1 arm rows or lat pulldowns.

What about your traps? Maybe throw in some heavy shrugging somewhere? I would take away the reverse rows and just have you do heavy shrugs.

On the legday I would incorporate straight leg deadlift, instead of 1 leg-press movement. That way your hams get hit harder. At the moment your leg day is quite quad dominant.

But that's just my opinion.


Thanks I appreciate your advice.

Will taking away the reverse rows mean that im not hitting my rear delts hard enough though?


I think you are hitting them just fine with the BB rowing on a back day.

If you feel like your rear delts are not getting enough work, throw in a superset with face-pulls. A great movement.


who set that up? that is not good.

look at chest day for instance:

you are doing 5 exercises two with the same motion pattern (fly) and you have dips last. dips should be a secondary exercise and flys are usually done at the end to pump blood into the area and fully tax the muscle. if you look at most of the big guys on this forum, they generally do two primary lifts for chest and then a fly movement or something like that (not always but its common). 3 exercises is enough, you can honestly say you are going to be busting ass on your 4th and 5th exercise? doubtful.

your back day is a mess too. after pull downs and bent over rows do you really think you are going to be able to eek out even 1 pull up? let alone 3 sets of 12? drop exercises are rearrange.

read CTs article on writing a program.



Why not do dips at the end of the chest day? Dips are more triceps dominant, than chest excersise. I do this sometimes and manage to hit a good 3x8 with BW 45 lbs plate.

Incline flys and machine flys hit different parts of the pecs (and delts). Nothing wrong with that.

I'm not sure if that is the actual movement pattern and order written down. Maybe the OP is just putting up the movements he is planning for the day.


good for you. this guy is clearly a beginner and needs to set things up in a way that he can progress week to week. if he does dips at the end of his workouts it might be hard for him to add a significant (significant is the key word) amount of weight to his top set week after week. if he does it when hes fresh he can make decent progress on it, after all its a good move for adding mass. whereas if he puts something like flys last, its not so imperative for him to add significant chunks of weight every week, just flush the chest with blood and fatigue the chest fully.

just my opinion.


Ok so the squat rack has arrived I did my first squats Today they kicked my ass lol

The new leg workout goes:

Leg press
BB squats
Leg Extensions
Leg curls
and I think I will add in straight leg deadlift (thanks NuYi)

I will also swap reverse rows for some shrugs and maybe drop lat pulldowns I'm not quite sure.

So do you guys think it is worth changing the order of chest day?

That is the order they are performed btw


Ow, allright.

Then i'd do:

Day 1:
Incline bench
Flat bench
Cable flys or machine flys (i prefer the cables)

I still think your leg day has too many excersises and alot of volume. Atleast just warm-up with the leg presses and save your stamina for the squats. If your formula works for you though, then great!

Warmup with leg press
Squats (top set)
Lunges with a BB
Leg extensions
Straight leg DL (focus on form and hit alot of reps, don't worry about weight) supersetted with calf movement.