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Critique My Workout Plan

Tried to create a simple effective workout aimed at improving athletic(basketball/track) performance. Nutrition isn’t flawless, but is decent, I’m taking Spike pre, and double dosing Surge.

I’m going to use Wave Loading(single wave) 3 sets 4-6-8 rep, emphasizing speed on all exercises. I’ll be lifting Upper/Lower Split four days a week (hitting each twice a week) inbetween conditioning, taking rest days if overtraining sets in. All lifting will be warmed up and cool down with light basketball. Days roughly will follow:

First Upper:
Bench Press
One Arm Rows
Push Press
Pull Ups (strict)
Parallel Dips
Chins (shoulder width grip)


First Lower:
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Back Squat
Jump Split Lunges

Second Upper:
One armed Bench Press
Parallel chin ups
Military Press(strict)
Kip Ups
Close grip bench press
chin ups or curls (narrow grip)

Second Lower:
Front Squat
Romanian Deadlifts
Vertical Jumps

Thanks for any constructive criticism. Sorry if it’s a bit generalized. Stats are 18 yrs, 190lbs, around 9-10% bf.