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Critique My Workout & Diet

My Fiancee went to the doctor today for a normal check up only to be told she was “not skinny” by the doctor. Now my fiancee is around 5’4" 135lbs and wears size 4s which I never knew meant she wast fat?? I am at about 5’10" 200lbs.

With an upcoming marriage I have been looking more at our finances anyways and figured this is another place we can look to trim out bad foods that probably cost more anyways.

Her standard diet would be something like:

Breakfast: Fiber 1 cereal, 1 scoop of on whey protein

Teaches 5th Grade

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, fruit, low carb yogurt

Afterschool snack: some pretzels or a sandwich


Dinner: A meat (salmon, chicken, beef), a vegetable and rice/noodles

Protein drink prior to bed.

My diet is fairly similar:
Breakfast - High fiber bar/protein drink
Lunch: similar to my fiancee (tomorrow will be taco meet and carrots
snack: sandwich
Dinner: same as Fiancee
protein drink

Our workouts are generally focused on total body workouts

I generally mix the rep scheme to a 10x3 and a 5/5

Monday: Bench, Front Squats, seated rows, Romanian dead lift (supersets of dips/lunges/curls)

Tuesday: 45 minutes to 1 hour easy cardio

Wednesday: Close Grip bench, Full Dead lifts, Pull ups, Partial Squats (squat to bench level) (Supersets of step-ups/curls)
(HIIT on bike)

Thursday: off (Cant miss Lost)

Friday: Incline Bench, Front Squat, seated rows, Romanian dead lifts (sometimes HIIT)

We havent been doing the workouts as hard as we probably should have, but now that we are going to get a bit more serious I wanted to make sure that we are on the right track.

Any advise or critiques are appreciated.

So what are you trying to do?

Sorry…I thought it was clear.

Basically with our wedding in about 6 months, I am thinking that losing around 15lbs over that time would help her feel more confident in her dress and I just quite frankly need to lose weight.

To give more information:

Yesterday Workout:
5x5 - Bench
5x5 - front squat
3x8 - seated rows
4x6 - Romanian deadlift
All done with minimal rest

Finished it off with supersets of lunges, dips, curls (did 3 sets of 10 each exercises at a nonstop pace)

My diet today:
BF - Fiber bar, fish oil, 1 serving whey protein
Lunch - Left over lean taco meat (made myself), carrots and fish oil
Snack - Sandwich
Dinner - Salmon/green beans
Prebed - Protein drink

Her diet:
BF - fiber 1 bar, fish oil, 1 serving whey
snack - rice cakes
lunch - turkey sandwich, carrots, yogurt
snack - hand full of pretzels
Dinner - same as me
prebed - metamusal (sp?)

Our workout today will be something like 45 minutes of cardio split up between elliptical work and incline walking.

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