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Critique my Workout and Diet


Hi, iv been training and bulking for a while and started off around 11.5 stone and am now 194.5 lbs so added 2 and a half stone some fat but mostly muscle I hold most my weight on my glutes and upper legs despite not being able to squat that much.

I started off badly by not eating enough so waisted a few months of training my routine currently looks something like this but could change depending on how sore my muscles are.

I tend to alternate my last exercise between a few different exercises and do about 5 different exercises on a day which should last between 45-60 min's no later around 45 seconds between each sets which does vary. I always aim too add more weight than last time on most lifts.

Monday Chest:

Incline dumbell bench press.
Flat dumbell flyes.
Decline bench press.
Cable flyes.
Incline bench press on a smith machine.

Tuesday Bicep and legs:

EZ bar curl.
Reverse grip curl.
Hammer curl.
Concentration curl.

Wednesday Shoulders:

Rear delt exercise. (forgot the name)
Shoulder press.
Side laterals on cables.
Front raises.

Thursday Back:

Bent over rowe.
pull up.
Seated rowe.
Lat pulldown.

Friday tricep and abs:

Skull crushers
Close grip bench press
Tricep kickbacks.

Sat and sunday off.

My nutrition - I try and aim for 200 grams of protein from meat, eggs, tuna and powder. And around 500 grams of carbs from Wholemeal sources including bread, rice, (potatoes, spaghetti, pasta.)I dont worry about fats as i'm sure I get enough from my diet.

Wake up around 11. Eat around 12.

Breakfast 5 scrambled eggs on 3 peices of wholemeal toast with butter.

Gym around 2-3. Protein shake straight after which I make myself. Which consists of 40 grams of whey concentrate powder, 20 grams of oats, 20 grams of maltodextrin, 20 grams of dextrose.

Eat around 4pm. Chicken and rice, 40 grams of protein in the chicken, 100 grams of carbs in the rice (i weight it and work out the nutrient values).

7pm. Eat chicken and rice - 40 grams of protein 100 grams of carbs.

10pm. Tuna and pasta. 1 can of tuna, 100 grams of carbs in the pasta.

1am. Homemade protein shake - 30 grams of concentrate protein powder, 100 grams of oats, 15 grams of protein in the cottage cheese, teaspoon of peanut butter, nesquick powder, milk. (sometimes some mixed seeds).

Cheers in advance everyone.


Can any one help?


Follow another routine. You don't need all this stuff if you are truly a beginner. I recommend Wendler's 5/3/1 or Madcow's 5x5 or Starting Strength. Something simple that focuses on the compound lifts. You can find articles/forums about all three of these here.

How tall are you? What is your immediate goal? This will determine your nutrition. I think 500g carbs is too much for almost anyone. How much fat in your diet?


I'm around 5"8/5"9. I don't add fat it just comes from cooking oil (vegetable or olive), egg yolks, and milk and from meat. Ok ill cut my carb's too 400 grams, I always thought you need around 2/3 grams of carbs per pound of body weight correct me if i'm wrong. I want to bulk, until next summer. I wouldn't say I'm "truly a beginner" but still a beginner, I've put on a good amount of weight from where I started.


Been training for 2 years, and you are 150lbs, at 5'8, and 11% bodyfat.

What makes you think you should be giving advice to anyone?