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Critique my work out

I plan to finish my cut in late may, and then begin to bulk. Currently I am about 180 lbs, 16 years old, and at about 8% bf. For my next mass/strength phase I am planning this:

Day A - Chest, Shoulders and Back
Incline Chambered Bar Press 3x10/8/6
Dips 3x10/8/6
WG Chin 3x10/8/6
Bent Over Row 3x10/8/6
Push Press 3x10/8/6

Day B - Quads, Hams, and Glutes
Box Squats 3x10/8/6
Front Squats 3x10/8/6
Stiff Leg DL 3x10/8/6
1 leg hyper 3x10/8/6
Walking Lunge 3x10/8/6

Day C - Traps, Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms
Clean 3x10/8/6
BB Curl 3x10/8/6
Close Grip Bench 3x10/8/6
Reverse Grip Curl 2x10/8
Wrist Curl 2x10/8

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Looks pretty decent. Some might take issue with the magic ‘3 sets’ approach to every muscle group, but if it works, sure, why not.

You’ll find out soon enough if the workout is appropriate.


Not sure how long you have been training?

But if it’s been a year or more I’d add atleast one more day of training.
Add in 1-3 more sets per exercise.

How you split it up is up to you.

At your stage be consistant and work hard and major gains are just around the corner so don’t give up.

Keep reading!


This is not a particularly good program. I mean, it’s not terrible, but it can be improved a bit.

I have some questions and observations for you.

  1. How long have you been working out?

  2. On the A Day, are you supersetting any of those exercises? If not, then you should realize you are prioritizing your pressing over you pulling pretty strongly. This may be appropriate for your goals, but most people end up doing it (unconsciously) for their entire training careers, and they end up developing all sorts of lovely anterior/posterior imbalances.

  3. Now, a question for you. Why do you have three sets for every exercise? Why the same reps for every exercise as well? This isn’t necessarily bad, but you should be able to explain to me why you’re doing this.

  4. Why wide grip chinups?

  5. Are you just learning the Olympic lifts? If so, your progression is okay. If you’ve already learned proper technique you shouldn’t be going over 6 reps. (Average of 3.)

  6. And, just for kicks: What’s your diet like right now, and what are you planning for while ‘bulking’? In fact, while we’re on that subject, tell me this: Have you read the thread in the Picture forum started by Marc McDougal called “Progress…”? If not, read it, along with a similar thread in the Dog Pound, started by Nate Dogg, called “Gaining Lean Mass without Fat”.

Well, that should get you started. :slight_smile:

Ike the answers to your questions.

  1. I have been working out for about 1 year and 4 months, But seriously for only about 6-8 months. By seriously I mean following a strict diet, with a food log, and serious training. Before the past 6-8 months my training has been pretty poor. My training was basically upper body, focusing on chest and biceps like most other punk kids.

  2. I have not thought to super set these exercises, but now that you mention it I see the purpose in super setting them. As of now I will super set these exercises.

  3. The reason for the same sets and reps for each exercise is because it is basic. I have tried other work outs, but the basic stuff seems to be working best for me at this point, so I decided to go with it for simply that reason. I tried to limit the number of exercises to keep the volume moderate.

  4. By chin ups I really mean pull ups. As for pull ups over pull downs, it is more beneficial to move your body around a fixed point(the bar) than to move a fixed point around your body(pulldown handle).

  5. I am new to olympic lifts.

  6. When I begin to “bulk” I plan to eat about 3300 calories each day. Breaking down into about 200 grams protein, 350 grams carbs, and 125 grams fat. I plan to eat 5-6 meals a day, I have to figure out what is going to work best with my schedule. My meals will be made up mainly of lean beef, chicken, eggs, whey, some cheeses, whole wheat breads, sweet/white potatoes, brown rice, brocolli, string beans, asparagus, other greens, and loads of salad.

Good point on the second query, Ike. I didn’t pick up on that.

J Rod:

So nice to see that you’ve read Poliquin. I was beginning to think he’d been forgotten.


Ike after reading those two posts I am interested and I plan on trying to gain mass that way. I have read most of Berardi’s articles. The diet I have come up with looks something like this.

nutrients list cal/pro/carb/fat
Meal 1
3 cheese sticks 290/24/0/22

Meal 2
2 whole eggs 180/14/0/14
Cheese 180/16/0/16
Ham 105/15/0/4

Meal 3
2 Whole Wheat Bread 180/6/26/2
Turkey 220/40/0/2

Meal 4 - Post Work Out
2 servings Whey 220/44/2/2
Powerade 175/0/40/0
on now work out days I will eat 2 cans of tuna instead 180/40/0/2

Meal 4 - dinner, what my mom makes but usually some lean beef, chicken, or fish, sometimes pork(like once or twice a month) with salad and green vegtables.
so about 500/40/ the rest depends on the vegtables ect.

Meal 5
Celery with natty PB 250/9/0/16