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Critique my Upper/Lower

Monday - Heavy(5RM) Barbell Upper Body Work
Tuesday - Squat Based Lower Body Work

Thursday - Lighter(10RM) Dumbbell Upper Body Work
Friday - Deadlift Based Lower Body Work

In the interest of saving space and your time, I’m not bothering to write out the minutia of the set/rep scheme. Instead, I’ll just quickly explain the idea behind each day.

Each Upper day has 1 horizontal push, 1 horizontal pull, both ramped up for 5 sets and down for 2 sets. Followed by 1 vertical push, 1 vertical pull, both done for 3ish sets of a mostly fixed weight(increase 10-15% maybe between 1st and last set). Followed by 3-4 sets each of bicep/tricep work

Each Lower day is either Back Squat or Deadlift ramped the same way as my push/pull lifts. Followed by Leg Press for 3ish sets, all around 10 reps/set. Then Leg Ext(on Squat day) or Leg Curl(on DL day) for 20ish reps/set. Finally a bit of ab and calf work and I’m done.

Any critiques would be welcome. If necessary I can post the full set/rep scheme and choice of lifts for each day.


An example of the ramping to make it more clear. This was today’s deadlifts.

5x135, 185, 225, 275, 315, 3x335, 5x275, 8x225. For reference, 5 reps would be my max for 315, and I almost died finishing 335 for 3, to give a relative idea of the intensity of each set.