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Critique my Training

I have been following 5/3/1 for over two years now. Previously doing starting strength and StrongLifts. Because I only have an hour a day to train I have been skipping assistance or super setting when my body can keep up.

This will be my first program with a leader and anchor. How dies the set up look?

2 Cycles
Squat 5’s Pro
Squat BBB @ FSL
Ab wheel x 25
Db bench press x 25
Bb curls x 25

Bench press 5’s Pro
Bench press BBB @ FSL
Db rows x 25
Db lunge x 25
Dips x 25

Dead lift 5’s Pro
Deadlift BBB @ FSL
Hanging leg raise x 25
Db incline press x 25
Db shrugs x 25

Press 5’s Pro
Press BBB @ FSL
Chin-ups x 25
KB swings x 25
Push-ups x 25

1 Cycle
Squat 5/3/1
Squat FSL 5x5
Ab wheel x 50
Db bench press x 50
Bb curls x 50

Bench press 5/3/1
Bench press FSL 5x5
Db rows x 50
Db lunge x 50
Dips x 50

Dead lift 5/3/1
Deadlift FSL 5x5
Hanging leg raise x 50
Db incline press x 50
Db shrugs x 50

Press 5/3/1
Press FSL 50
Chin-ups x 50
KB swings x 50
Push-ups x 50

Obviously amrap sets on the anchor.
I want to superset the assistance after the main lifts, hopefully my middle age body will let me.

I’m going to run this when I finish the BBB 13 week challenge at an 85% training max.

Any suggestions would be great.

Looks great, good luck to you along your journey!

Agree, likes fine and pretty standard (not a bad thing). Good luck.

Thanks for the reply’s. it helps hearing that I’m on the right track.

Just one question for my assistance. Should I be worried if I can’t do sets of ten reps? For example my chin ups. I can push out two sets of ten, then drop down to seven or less.

I understand that assistance isn’t greatly important. I just wanted to hear thoughts on it

Just get in quality reps- after a few sets I have to drop to triples or doubles, but as long as I hit the goal amount of reps with decent form, it shouldn’t matter!

Overall the programme looks good, make sure you have your TM nailed for the BBB@FSL- I tried it with an overzealous TM a while back and felt like a sack of shit

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Stop pre-programming your assistance.

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Thanks Jim. So I should just go by feel. For example if I’m feeling strong after the barbell lifts I should do harder work like chins and dips and if I’m feeling like shit I should do push-ups and curls?

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