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Critique My Training Split


monday back and shoulders(superset)
bent row/ pulldown/ cablerow
reverse grip pulldown

      lateral db raise (2sets      
       to loosen up/shoulder)/sho-
      ulder press/lateral cable
      raise/ upright rows/ rear
      delt pull

tuesday legs/ abs
squats/ hack legg press/ leg
extention/leg curl/ hip abd-
uction/calf raise

       incline sit ups with twist/
       leg lowering/ reverse crunch

wedsday off

friday chest and arms
incling bb press/db presses/
flat fly/ dips

      arms (superset)
      bb curl/ precher curl/ high
      cable curls

      close grip bench/ skull cru-
      sher/ reverse grip press down

saturday off/ cardio

sunday repeat

what do you guys think? the reason i did not list exercises is because i change them all the time db vs bb and the order they are in. i was talking mainly about the "bodypart split" as not to get an "overlaping effect" (doing bi's one day then the next doing back and not having enough recovery)i also incorporate deadlifts sometimes with my back sometimes with my legs it seems to be a conundrum all it's own sometimes. everything is performed at 4 sets medium/heavy/heavy/medium
usually 6-10 reps
supersets are 1 shoulder 1 back =1 set
1 bi 1 tri = 1 set
minimal resting time unless going REAL


With that much details we can't say a lot except that this looks like the generic split proposed but shitty newstand muscle magazine.


Well nothing really to think or give an opinion on without more info. WHAT you are doing reps. sets, loads, exercises, goals, stats. etc..


i just typed the whole routine sets, reps, exercises and it got lost in cyber space took me forever to type i'm pretty pissed about it basically i just want to know if the bodypart split is ok so i don't get a overlapping effect (overtrain something before it recovers)i'm always changing up exercises anyway and volume, frequency etc. and of course the routines in general this just happens to be the one i am on now and happen to like it just want to see want you all think.


Try supersetting atagonist muscle groups (i.e., chest/back; biceps/triceps; quadriceps/hamstrings). Doing this can save you a massive amount of time in the gym and allow you to work those body parts more than once a week.