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Critique My Training Split


chest + biceps
decline barbell bench press 46-10reps
(shallow) incline dumbell press 46-10 reps
dips 46-10reps
dumbell flies 312-15 reps

alternate dumbell bicep curls 48-12reps
preacher curls with dumbell 48-12 reps
pinwheel or hammer curls with dumbells 48-12 reps


back squats (parallel depth, no lockout at top, no pauze, non stop pumping, slow excentric phase) 4*6-10 reps

walking lunges 3 sets across the gym back and forth (about 25 meters per set approximately)

hack squats (pretty deep, no lockout) 4*6-10 reps

leg extentions 4*10-12 reps

leg curls 4*10-12 reps

standing calf raise machine 4*15-20 reps

seated calf raise machine 4*15-20 reps

4*8-10reps deadlift
4*6-10 reps bent over barbell row
4*6-10 reps dumbell row
4*6-10 reps behind neck wide grip pull down
4*6-10 reps seated cable row, wide grip for more upper back less lats

4 sets of leg raises to failure
4 sets of crunches to failure
4 sets of decline ab bench to failure

shoulders + triceps
seated military press (leaning against incline bench) 4*6-10 reps
seated dumbell press (leaning against incline bench) 4*6-10 reps
side laterals machine 4*10-12 reps
rear delt machine 4*10-12 reps

4*8-12 skull crushers
4*8-12 single arm standing behind the head tricep extentions with dumbell
4*8-12 tricep cable extentions

I repeat this over and over, I lift monday to friday and take the weekend off.

Some people have said my routine is not balanced at all and will result in imbalances and injuries

Advanced lifters help me please (no noobs pulling stuff out of their ass please)

I'm 6' 180-185lbs, pretty lean, best bodypart quads probably

440lbs (200kg) deadlift x 1, 286lbs (130kg) x 11 squat is my best and bench is pretty awful 105kg-110kg 1rm (230-240lbs)

i used to do weightlifting for a few years, here's a pic of that
but i quit about a year ago and changed to "bodybuilding"

here's a "flattering pic" of me without a shirt

also a pic of legs (calves suck)

one leg is more outward and more bent and getting different light, the legs are not assymetrical in case you were wondering

So basically I'm getting worried since I turn 23 in februari, will I ever be able to get remotely big naturally? Because steroids etc are not an option.


You do a shit load of work for your quads with nothing but a few leg curls for your hamstrings.

Your split is typical, as many bodybuilders follow that sort of split - chest & bis; legs; shoulders & tris; and back and abs. It's actually the same exact split that Dorian Yates, Mike Francois, and Johnny Jackson use/d. And you're basically doing the same sort of shit everyone else does -- 2-4 sets of 2-4 exercise per muscle group for 6-12 reps. So what are you worried about?!

You're TWENTY THREE friggin' years old and your lifts are better than most for people your weight. What are you worried about?!!! Your whole 20s and 30s will be the best lifting years of your life!

You might not be hitting each muscle group frequently. If you're growing just fine with this frequency, then stick with it. Otherwise, lower your volume and hit each muscle group twice per week or once every five days.

Or you can use some creativity so you can hit some lagging muscle groups more frequently while using this same exact split. For example, in your triceps work, you can use dips, which will hit your chest and tris.


Also, to calm your worry, think about this. Your squat is already 286 x 11. Do you know how many more years you have to hit a 405 x 11 squat?! Or a 315 x 10 bench? Or a 600 lb deadlift?

Why don't you put things in perspective?

Sometimes I think people on this forum are the most worrisome people I;ve ever come across.


Hi guys, I would like to mention I have come to the realization about the quad dominant leg program. So I adjusted slightly. I just did legs today and I did

5 minute bike ride to gym
5 minute jog on treadmill
some empty bar stiff leg deadlifts to loosen up hamstrings for squats

4 working sets of squats 10 to 6 reps
1 finish set of squat till failure with lighter weight (around 10 reps again)

4 sets of walking lunges

4 sets of deep hack squats

then i added 4 sets of stiff legged deadlifts to have more hamstring work
then 4 sets of leg curls

didn't do leg extentions for the sake of balancing it

then standing and seated calf raises

The reason I'm worried is because I did olympic style lifting from 17 to 21 (last year) and switched to bodybuilding about exactly one year ago and after these nearly 5 years of lifting i still am 180-185lbs at 6' which doesn't look like a person who lifts at all

i'm just pretty frustrated but i guess there's nothing to do about that


the thing is i made a thread on here about bicep curls and posted the pic ^^^where i'm with my shirt off and most people agreed i don't even look like i lift if i were to have a shirt on.

and i have to admit, they are actually right. so many people spend a decade in the gym without real progress.


I don't know how to ask this without being a dick:

Did you ever happen to think you remained at 180-185 for all this time because you didn't eat enough to get bigger?!!!


when i eat more i just get fatter basically so then i quit eating more


Yeah, because of five reasons - and five reasons alone!

1) They don't know what the fuck they're doing!
2) They have an actualy medical condition preventing them from making serious gains (eg, handicapped, metabolic and endocrine disorders).
3) Poor lifestyle habits (eg, lack of sleep, disorganized life in general, excessive partying and drinking and drug use, etc).
4) Lack of effort with poor or proper program design. Hence why there are very big guys on "OK" or even goofy programs - they try hard, and they're consistent.
5) Inadequate nutrition.

Considering your lifts are OK, and you have a background in serious lifting (OL), where do you fall short regarding this list?!

Oh, and if you can provide another reason why people can't excel, list it; I'd like to know.


what of GENETICS? i'm not sure if this is inappropriate (mods can decide) but everytime a new black guy trains at my gym they get great gains in a matter of 6 months.

you could argue exceptions etc, BUT it just so happened that I recently went to Nigeria, a country always rumoured to have good bodybuilding genetics and I saw plenty of muscular people in the street, in the markets etc.

look at this pic of myself with my girlfriend's mother. her back is more developed than mine


How about designing a diet that doesn't have you over eating or under eating?

Refer to some nutrition articles on here.


Do you have a grasp on how shitty genetics have to be in order for someone to make abysmal or no gains?!

OK, I offered what I could.

Looks like you're gonna be at 185 - FOREVER!

Take care.


Oh, and one more thing.

That lady's back isn't more developed than some dude who squats 285 pounds for reps and deadlifts over 400.

This statement alone, "look at this pic of myself with my girlfriend's mother. her back is more developed than mine," would indicate to most on here that you lack perspective and education on the whole bodybuilding thing altogether.


And I'm also confused as to what you're looking for. You came here for some feedback, show that you don't appreciate it much, and continue to say that YOU of all people can't make muscular gains despite beign able to put up some pretty decent weights and a background in OL

Go on a diet that doesn't have you gaining ONLY fat (which I highly doubt even happened considering the weights you can put up while your weight has remained STAGNANT for all this time) and then get back to us. Until then, you'll have to deal with being the same size forever.


What's the deal with this poster? He's just saying random things

Anyone else care to reply?


How are they random considering 99 percent - or all - on here will agree with me?


Also tell me how the posts are useless.


No one else is replying because Bricknyce (as usual) is telling you all the right things. There is nothing left to add.


He's Speaking the truth so why would anyone else waste their time reposting his sentences in different words?