Critique My Training Program

So I have read around and decided to stick to fullbody workouts followinf some of the guidelines of TBT. I will do the workouts 3x a week.

MONDAY: Sets-4 reps-5

  1. barbell flat bench
  2. barbell rows
  3. deadlifts
  4. lunges
  5. military press
  6. dumbbell curls
  7. 30 MIN CARDIO

1)Abs 2)100 pushups 3)100 pullups
4)cardio: 60 minutes

WEDNESDAY: sets-4 reps-8

  1. Incline barbell press
  2. power cleans
  3. back squat
  4. push press
  5. barbell curls
  6. calf raises
  7. 30 MIN CARDIO


FRIDAY: sets-4 reps-10

  1. flat bench press
  2. front squat
  3. dumbell rows
  4. sumo deadlift
  5. tricep extension
  6. lateral shoulder raises
  7. 30 MIN CARDIO


The exercises aren’t in any specific order yet. So what do you guys/girls think of the program is it to much, to little? any opinions are welcomed.

by the way I am 16 ,175 lbs and I about5’10. My goals are to get down to 160-165 of lean muscle.

Full body workouts are tough…I don’t know if you are giving yourself enough rest.

But what the hell do I know…

I do full body workouts 4x a week, in a push/pull split, and do alright (and I’m 30, I need my rest :p). I think the poster’s pushup/pullup business on the interval days isn’t going to make a lot of difference, and would be better served with weighted chins and pullups during the regular sessions (swapped in instead of the bicep isolation work.)

thanks for the replies will take into consideration.

I was planning on following a diet like T-DAWG but with some adjustments.

100 pullups in a session would be quite impressive… I might go for 25 or less… if that’s easy for you do weighted ones. And 100 pushups might be a little unecessary, might be better served by doing some plyometric work or speed strength work if you’re an athlete.

The program you’re talking about is a canned program…BUT, it was released by a well-respected author, presumably tested over a range of trainees, and has met with very favorable reviews since its release.

You are sixteen…any modifications you make to the routine, particularly with regard to the periodization scheme as you have done, will only make the program less effective. The original template Waterbury provided allows for considerable freedom with regard to exercise selection. Just do exactly what he says with the sets, reps, and rest intervals.

Trust me.

Or don’t. Either way, best of luck.

Are you restricted by working out at school or during the week? I think you’d be better off doing weights, energy, rest.
You’d get 4 workouts every 6 days instead of 5 every 7, and each time you’re coming back to weights fresh. After 5 weeks you’d have 24 workouts instead of 25.