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Critique my training/eating

Hello T-Hombres. After a winter of unsuccesful mass gains. I am frustrated. Looking in the mirror though, i’ve noticed I have gained some muscle but not much , I have gained some fat tho too. So summer is coming and its time to shed some fat . I am at around 11 % now at 185 and i would like to get to 7 or 6. Here is my training plan. Monday -Horizontal push/ pull 2x4-6 in the bench and seated row(211 tempo). then 1 x8 in the incline press and prone row(311). cg-bench and standing curl- 1x 8-10 211 . Tues- TC’s sprint routine. Wed 15 min light morning cardio.(possibly another 15 at night) Thurs. OH press standing and weighted chin- 2x 4-6(211). weighted dip and pull up 1x 6-8.(311) power clean or shrugs(if clean 2x 5)1x8-10. prone hammer curl 1x8-10(311). Eating would follow massive eating food combo’s. Breakfast would be 2 scoops protein w little more than half cup of oatmeal. meal 2 chicken or tuna in whole wheat pita. meal 3 would be a fat protein meal. then i would train. surge after training and another carb pro meal bout an hr later.2 hrs after that my next meal would be something like 95%lean beef with cheese and a salad w flax. Then my last ,meal would prob be cottage cheese with adv protein and flax. might do around 15 min of cardio on sun too. I’m planning on supplementing w MD6 methoxy 7 and trac creatine for the first four weeks. Then i’m planning on taking a week off of those supplements and eating back around matinence. then i’m going to go back on MD6 , methoxy(maybe creatine) and add T2 for another four weeks. I might also add Tribex to the mix. I know these are alot of supps but i really only take this much when dieting. I’m hoping to get this low to look good and the to also be able to significantly bulk, using my trial and error results from massive eating. Please let me know what you think of my plan . I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or hints you may have . Also some further info on me, i’m 5’9 and I’m 18 going on 19. Thanks a heap , Mike

Where are the squats and deadlifts? Doesn’t look like you have any lower body weight training in your workout other than a day of sprinting. I would do both. Also, your volume looks a bit low. I know everyone is on the Ian King kick and he recommends lower-volume workouts, but I think your volume may be a little too low per workout. I would do at least 10-15 sets per workout. Also, be sure your protein intake is at least 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight. That will help you keep muscle as you try to get leaner. And you may need a little more cardio if you want to get to such a low bodyfat level. You may want to try John Berardi’s advice and do 20-30 minutes of cardio following your weight training workout. I don’t think you need as many supplements if you watch what you eat. Don’t waste too much money on something that may or may not help. I definitely recommend protein and Surge. And if losing weight, T2 and MD6 will help. But why use more? Save your money and work hard and eat right.

Shit Nate, thats the first thing i woulda saidtoo. I totally forgot to write that my last day of training for the week would consist of squats and Sdl’s witha couple movements if i felt them to be neccesary. thanks alot fotr the suggestions Nate I appreciate em. My protein will be pretty high as i’m takin in almost 50 grams per meal right now, so i think that will be adequate. You are right maybe i should tone down the supps…anyone else?..keep the good info comin.

Ditto what Nate said. Id like to think I could add to his post but my best effort would be “man, I eat either tuna or chicken in pita for a protein/carb meal, thats cool …”.

So do you guys think it would be a good idea to limit my fat loss to 6-8 weeks, can i reach my goal of 6-7 % bf in that time? I’m asking because i dieted for a long time last year and i think i dragged it out too long. i was thininking of following the calorie deficit with 2 weeks of matinence and then 2 weeks of hyper caloric, then maybe lean out for a couple more weeks , which will be in august. This will prepare me for my fall/winter bulk up. Thanks for your help, Mike

Check out my post on JB’s “Don’t Diet” diet. That may help you out. It’s based on Massive Eating, but you subtract 15% from your daily needs to lose fat. 8-12 weeks is definitely long enough to lose fat, as long as you don’t have too much to lose. So you should be able to accomplish your goals during that time as long as your training and nutrition are on.