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Critique My Test / Tren Cycle

Introduce yourself. Include age, traning history,rough estimate of current lifting stats, previous cycle history, cycle goals, reason for wanting to use AAS if it’s a first cycle (gain, lose, pre-contest, sport specific, etc).

Age: 25 weight 185@5’10"
training history: since 17. Doesn’t feel right when I miss a say, so I don’t.
current lifts: nothing monstrous
prev cycle: dbol + test e. Solo anavar.
goals: “RECOMP” lose fat gain muscle.
reason get my 10-12 bf% to 7-8% and look good nekked

  1. Clearly layout a cycle proposal. Include duration of specific drugs and doses. Include specific reasons for the drug choices.

1-8 test prop 50 mg/day
1-8 teen a 50 mg/day then moving up to 75 mg if sides are bearable.

  1. Include ancillary drugs you will use and plans for PCT.

1-9 airimdex .125 ed
10-14 nolva 40/20/20/20

my diet and training are consistent, would like some input on any one with experience with these compounds. Pls no “my friend said"or " I heard” crap…

should dosage be changed?
how is the cycle length?
will teen effect my intensity at the gym negatively?


Crazy that you misspelled “tren” twice as “teen”. I wonder if it’s subconscious.

Do the Tren at least at 75mg and test at 50mg. Don’t do the 1:1 ratio. There’s a reason most people run high tren/low test and it’s not just broscience. Most seem to be able to avoid sides using that ratio. You might not have bad sides with 1:1, but I’m sure you’ll have a better experience doing something like 3:1.

I do fine around 3:1; only start to see sides when I come close to that 1:1 ratio.

Tren shouldn’t affect your intensity any different than any other AS, but it probably will affect your endurance.

Looks fine aside from that.