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Critique My Taper & SERM Use

Wk 1-9 250mg Test E E3D Wk 10-15 stasis Wk 16 250 mg Test-E
Wk 17 100mg Wk 18 50mg Wk 19 50mg Wk 20 25mg Wk 21 25mg
I was thinking 20mg nolvadex ED Wk 16-19

The stasis portion is supposed to be 100mg/wk. Why do you have week 16, 250mg? If anything, it should be 75mg, then week 17, 75mg, week 18 50mg, etc. You may not need the nolva. If you do decide to use it, begin in week 16, at your first reduced test dosage, 20mg ED through week 19 (four weeks).

ok i see now i thought that the wait period u were completely free of compounds,hence why i would have started tapering at 250 mg on the 16th week

All you need to know


Also check out the original thread for more on the theory behind it