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Critique My T-Dawg 2 Diet?


Iv'e been on the T-Dawg V2.0 for about 11-12 weeks now with a two week holiday inbetween,where I was off the diet.Iv'e managed to go down from about 6ft 218lbs to 203lbs before vacation,and am wondering what you guys think of my meals? am I missing something? is there anything you guys can spot that im doing wrong or need to add' to maximize fat burning? BTW I make sure I eat every 2-3 hours and drink gallons of water.

Im consuming 2500 Kcals a day is this too high for a 203lbs guys?

Diet is 70g carbs on non-workout days and 100g on a workout day.With one anyfood u like refeed a week(usually 12 slices of pizza tongue.gif )



Daily Totals
Protien: 324g/319g
Carb's: 43g/70g
Kcal: 2511/2500

4xscoop strawberry Whey 38g/2g/186

2xscoop strawberry Whey 19g/1g/93
30g Oats 3g/18.5g/95
1(tbsp)fibre 1g/1.2g/17

5xScambled Egg?s (2 yolks) 30g/2.5g/360

1xscoop Low-Carb Grow! 20g/3g/110

100g Tescos Cheddar 25g/0g/410

DINNER 20.00-22.00 (split in half)
500g (Tescos Lean cut) Chicken 120g/0g/530
50g Bacon 11.5g/0g/293/147
100g Tescos Feta Cheese 15.5g/0.8g/272

300g Cottage Cheese
Protein 42g
Carbs? 12g
Kcal 270


Daily Totals
Protien: 325g/319g
Carb's: 99g/100g
Kcal: 2499/2500

4xscoop strawberry Whey 38g/2g/186
30g Oats 3g/18.5g/95
1(tbsp)fibre 1g/1.2g/17

2xscoop Low-Carb Grow! 40g/6g/220

Pre Workout and post workout Shake+(1 scoop)Power Drive & 1x200mg Primaforce Caffine tablet
Protein 23g
Carb?s 50g
Kcal 342

PWO-Meal (an hour after my PWO shake)
130g Tuna (John West) 34g/0g/146
100g Mixed Veggys 4g/8g/54

200g Sainsburys Chicken Thighs 44g/0g/486

DINNER 20.00-22.00 (Dinner is split into two portions)
320g Rump Steak 96g/0g/662

300g Cottage Cheese
Protein 42g
Carbs? 12g
Kcal 270


If you can maintain weight loss at around a pound a week you are doing just fine. It takes a lot of time to put on a lot of extra fat and it can take a fair amount of time to take it off -- without risking muscle loss.

Also, if you have upped your protein intake and become more serious about your workouts, you may be building some muscle as well as losing some fat. The scale should probably not be your only measurement.

I'm not sure if you are supplementing with Omega-3's or other good fats, which might also be helpful.


Hi Vroom,

1.)Thanks for replying,I do use 6g of fish oils a day and a whole bucket loads of other supps.The thing is I see my weight going down on the scales every week but not in the mirror i.e from my belly which is the area where im carrying my fat now,esp in the lower region, theres still some stubborn fat that wont get lost! I admit though it's not like I have the biggest pecs and or abs so this could be making the problem look worse than it is?

2.)I do lots of cardio and of course my 3xTBT routine every week.As for muscle gain well yes Iv'e deff noticed some gains esp in legs,lats,tris,and bi's although in the arm region these "gains" seemed to come after I started using creatine so I dont know how much is water retention in the muscle and how much is muscle? i.E Would I keep the muscle if I came off the creatine?

3.)I know cardio is best done on a empty stomach first thing in the AM so the food consumed isint burned off instead of fat.However I also know that one should take some whey first thing to halt night time catabolism! so whats the best way to approach this matter?



Bump for the night time crew....