Critique My Supps Plan Please


23 years old, 5’10’', 155lbs, 12%BF

Been lifting on and off (mostly on) for the last 5 years. Don’t have to do much to stay in shape, but have decided to kick my ass in shape and put on some LBM.

I’m mostly fast twitch dominant, w/a high metabolism and will try CT’s easy-hard gainer workout.

Here’s what I am working with so far:

Surge – 1 serving durring/after workout
Protien – Low Carb Grow! 4 servings/day
Mulit Vitamin – daily
R-ALA – 300-400mg per day
Vandyl Sulfate – 20mg per day
Creatine – 3g per day after load phase
ZMA – 3 caps at night
4g EPA/DHA from fish oil caps per day

This is my base, in addition to 4-6 real meals per day.

My main question to you guys, am I over doing it on anything or are all these “staple” suppliments.

Further more, I was contemplating tacking on a T-boosting suppliment or anabolic agent as well. What are your oppinions. I don’t think I need anything like Alpha Male yet, I’ll be going in for T-lvl test in a month or so. But I was thinking some M might be benificial and was kicking around adding some Methoxy-7. What are your thoughts.

I’m saving a few cycles of Mag-10 in my freezer for future cycles as I wasn’t looking to add an androgen to my stack just yet.

Any advice or additions would be helpfull.


[quote]AF JB wrote:
“in addition to 4-6 real meals per day.”


You need to focus a lot more on eating if you want to gain LBM. The supplements are great, but you’re missing the point.

I’m sorry if I lead you to believe I
am neglecting eating large quantities of food. I just didn’t bother putting the diet portion of my regimine in my thread because I think I’ve got it dialed in pretty good what with all the articles on this site.

I’m mainly doing a P+F and P+C meals diet and it has been working well over the years. I’ve put on 40 lbs in the past 4 years w/out an increase in my BF%, as far as the eating goes it’s mainly about me keeping focused enough to constantly cram food down my mouth.

I was more wanting to kick around the suppliment portion of my diet to see what everyone thought about it. Thanks, though, for the input!

One of my main problems in the past has been lack of follow through on training. I go hard for 3 months and then slack off for a while and loose most of what I gained (the old yo yo training method). I am also comming off a pretty bad shoulder injury that had me layed up for 4 months and am trying to jump back on the wagon.

If you’ve put on 40lbs in the last 4 years, and you’re 155 lbs at age 23 now, that means you were 115lbs at age 19.

One word: WOW!