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Critique my Strength Program

Hi all, I’m looking for some feedback on a program that I’ve put together for an upcoming MAG-10 cycle. My primary goal for this cycle is an increase in stregth on the big lifts, but I’m also hoping to put on at least 5 lbs.

I plan on working in the 3-5 rep range for most lifts, and I was think 9 sets for larger muscle groups, and 7 sets for smaller. Does that seem like too much volume for a high intensity program? (keep in mind that an androgen will be a part of the equation)

Here's an example of what I'm planning for Chest/Triceps/Soleus day (gastrocs will be worked on a differed day). CHEST: 2 sets DB decline press, 2 sets BB flat bench press, 2 sets incl. BB press, 3 sets incl. DB press TRICEPS: 2 sets close grip bench, 3 sets dips, 2 sets skull crushers SOLEUS: 3 sets seated calf raise.

The rest of the sessions follow this general outline, and I'll be using a 4 day split (2 on, 1 off, repeat) for a total of 3 times while on the cycle. Anyone have any feedback or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Is there a reason you don’t want to use the Growth Surge Phase II program? It offers both 1x and 2x/day training options, and it has been used with great success by many people (including myself).

I used the Growth Surge Project for my first MAG-10 cycle, and got FANTASTIC results. I gained 19 lbs during my 2 week cycle, and kept 15 of them (fat gain was minimal). The only problem was that my strength hardly increased at all with this protocol. That’s the reason that strength is my primary goal for this cycle. Any thoughts or suggestions on my program ideas?

use mag-10 to bulk. try powerdrive if you want to increase muscle fiber recruitment. How are you judging your strength? by the weight your are pushing in specific lifts? You might want to try a specific strngth program like the west side trainers do. I found that my strength increased tremendously while doing HST training. I was doing the full body workouts and pushing myself to do more weight every workout. laters pk

yeah if your going for strength it might be worth trying westside’s methods. Dont think it cant be used for hypertrophy cause the maximal effort or dynamic effort exercise they incorporate the reptition (bodybuilding) method also. So this might be a way to get good results in strength while not neglecting size either.