Critique My Strength Program...Advice Welcome

Monday-Arms and Legs-:
Heavy back squats 5x3, or 5x5
Barbell curls 5x10
Dumbbell curls 4x 20,each arm
Barbell Skull Crushes 3x10
Dumbbell Tricep extensions, 3x10

Tuesday- Chest and shoulders
Heavy bench 5x3, or 5x5
Incline bench 5x3, or 5x5
Seated military press, 3x10
Standing push press, 5x5

Wensday- Legs
Front squats 5x5
Leg press 3x10
Hack squat 3x10

Thursday- Same as tuesday

Friday Legs and back
Back squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
pull ups 5x5
Lat pull downs 3x10

My goal is overall body strength, yet a mix of bodybuilding also for hypertrophy. I would like a program that I can work legs 3x a week, as they are lagging right now. Is this too much volume, too much assistance? Anyways any comments or feed back be good.

You only work Back and Arms once, yet everything else twice, is this intentional?

Training chest and shoulders the day after triceps.

Heaps of volume.

No horizontal pulling.

5 days in a row without rest.

Lots of issues with this plan, I would not follow this program. It is better to scrap it and start over. If you need more help let us know.

If you’re looking to add strength and size I would highly recommend Joe Defranco’s Westside Barbell For Skinny Bastards. It uses the conjugate training method developed by Westside Barbell. It allows you to work maximum effort (for strength) and the repetition method (for hypertrophy).

It’s supposed to be for athletes, but I’ve seen aspiring powerlifters and bodybuilders use this to put on good strength and size. Also, you can work legs twice a week. Hopefully this is along the lines of what you are looking for.

Here is the link to the article with an explanation by the man himself, Joe Defranco.

this is what ive done for size: (as well as increases in strength)

monday: back squat:
4x10, sometimes ill take a breathing set and go up tot 20 reps
box squats (DE) 8x3

barbell curl
reverse barbell curl

barbell bench:
close grip incline:
10, 8, 6, 4, 2

dumbell miltary presses
lateral supersetted with front raises

some kind of second tricep movement

wed: deadlift day, all singles, rack pulls, speed pulls, rows, pulldowns, high rep kroc rows, shrugs pick a few, even cleans

thrus: off

fri: second leg day:
barbell squat: ME

box squat (RE)

same arm work as before

4x10 again
now just pick a few different shoulder and tricep exercises than before

after the first week i was setting pr’s everyweek:) arms grew 1 inch in a month and gained 10 pounds without trying :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for some suggestions, the RE, ME stuff seems odd to me and westside does not seem like a program for me. I think I did have too much volume, but you can definitely go 5 days without rest… Here is my new program a little simpler

Monday-Legs and back-
Squats 5x5
Deadlift 5x3
Pull ups 3x10
GHR 3x10
Rows 3x12

Tuesday-chest shoulders and triceps
Bench press 5x5
Incline press 3x5
dips 3x10
skull crushers 3x10

Wensday- legs
squats 1x20

Thursday same as tuesday

Friday Same as monday

Saturday- Arms
Barbell curls 4x10
Dumbell curls 3x20, each arm
Dumbell tricep extensions 3x12
Skull crushers 3x10

Sunday rest

I fixed some of the problems you pointed out-back not twice a week, and triceps right before bench- If you have another program that is good for strength and size-primary strength for now- then I would like to see it. Its not necessarily geared towards powerlifting, maybe strongman but without the events.

glad you found a program that will work. I’m just curious to know your weight and your lifts.
Another thing that helps with overall strength is sled pulling if you have access to one.

[quote]heavylifter36 wrote:
glad you found a program that will work. I’m just curious to know your weight and your lifts.
Another thing that helps with overall strength is sled pulling if you have access to one.[/quote]

I’m not sure if it will work well, thats why I’m posting before I start have only done starting strength in the past.

My lifts are not that impressive but my form is good, 250 bench press, 335 squat, 405 deadlift. I’m about 215lbs little fat.

You don’t need to do squats three times a week along with deadlifts to get stronger and bigger. If you did heavy squat and deadlifts variations once a week you would see impressive gains.

It may sound stupid, but sometimes less is better. I used to do way too much volume and I couldn’t make alot of gains, some but not alot. Unless you’re a freak or juicing, you’re not gonna get the best out of ur body.

You may think you can lift five days in a row, but your body will perform alot better if you give yourself sufficient rest. If you want to get big and strong, Westside is the most up to date strength program out there.

When I first looked at it, it didn’t seem like enough, but I’ve made the best gains of my life on it. Sorry for the rant, but I’m hoping it will help.