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Critique My Squat Form?

Hey T Nation, first time poster, extremely long time lurker. After several years of physical therapy, I think I’m finally ready to start lifting again, as long as my form doesn’t suck.

Here’s a clip of me practicing goblet squatting with a dumbbell. Any thoughts? I want to make sure my form is down before I move on to an actual barbell so I don’t hurt myself again.

Extra brownie points if anyone has any suggestions for how I might need to modify my form when transitioning to a barbell.

You’re going to get flamed for not having a heavy enough dumbbell

Even with that light weight it seemed as though your falling forward, plus that hip movement looks… Odd.

It does look odd… but mainly because when you are shooting out of the hole, you are doing it so fast that it looks just a little bit different on each one of the reps.

Could you re-post a video with a heaver weight or just transition to the barbell with some weight on it? Hopefully, you won’t get hurt from doing 5 reps with a barbell.

This is a joke right.

Your wish is my command. Here are two with 95 pounds.

just realized the safety pins are blocking my lower back at the bottom in the first video…doh

[quote]Reed wrote:
This is a joke right.[/quote]

Haha ouch.

I just wish I’d had enough sense to make sure I wasn’t using shitty form back when I was 20. So I’m not making that mistake again.

I’m in the middle of dinner right now, so I’m going to focus on shuffling food into my mouth…but the barca shirt… ^^ PSG > FCB

Other than not hitting depth your just a few inches high your squat looks fine but this is also still very light weight even for you so until you get in the 85-90% range of a 1rm or fatigued from some higher rep,sets were not going to be able see what,and where your weaknesses actually are.

But with that said unless competing in power lifting is a goal for you your squat looked pretty decent.

I like how you jump from 10 lb DB to 95 BB over a few flames

[quote]1 Man Island wrote:
I like how you jump from 10 lb DB to 95 BB over a few flames[/quote]

sometimes you have to get your balls busted before you can find them.

Looks pretty good. Like it was already mentioned, you are a few inches high. Other than that, looks fine. Begin adding weight!

There are three important things for any squats-

  1. Don’t let the weight shift to the front of your feet. Keep it at your heels and push through your heels/outer-side of your feet. This prevents knee fuckage for the most part. You do this fine.
  2. Don’t bend your lower back. Upper back bend is fine though (iirc), and so it’s not strictly necessary to keep the upper back straight at all times. You do this fine as well.
  3. Keep the barbell at the center of your feet at all times. From what I can tell, you don’t do this. In your attempt to keep your back completely straight and your stance, the barbell seems to be shifting to the back of your foot, somewhere at your heel. This takes you off balance, which is bad.

Get the barbell positioning fixed and you’re golden imo. Obviously depth and stance could be better, but nothing to worry about unless you plan on going into powerlifting.

Cool, thanks for the input everyone!