Critique My Sprinting Workout

Hello all, in my fitness goals of reaching great conditioning, I have developed a sprinting workout for myself. I do this workout on my non lifting days, at the local high school track. I lift 3 days a week doing Tim Henriques’s 8 week basic strength plan. I am also on a zone diet, tweaked a little bit for my personal needs. 40% protein, 35%, fat and 25% carbs. Now that that is out of the way here is the sprinting workout. All Input is valued.

Warm Up: 400 meter jog with some stretching performed after wards.

10 100 meter sprints around the track going to a jog between loops in the track.

water break for a bit then I move to the football field and do 10 20 yard sprints, 8 40’s, and 2 100’s to finish with.

again all input is valued it usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour to do, is this too long or just right?

depends on what the goal is? speed work? or speed endurance?

Speed endurance more so. I still want to keep some athletic ability.

hmm…so what you can do is perform some warm up and dynamic stretching like you said you do. perform some drills suck as ankling,high knees,kick backs etc (20mx2)…perform 3x60m easy strinding…(by this point you should not be tiered)…than start with some max speed work by doing 4x10m,3x20m,30mx2,1-2x50m(with good recovery and at full speed)…than you can start with the speed endurance work by doing something like 5x150m at 85-90% of your max effort with around 2mins recovery…

keep in mind that when i used to run track my sessions used to be 2-3hrs long so 45mins isnt to much considering that most of the time is spent on recovering rather than running…

are you purely interested in linear speed or lateral as well?

dre has a point…what i gave u is for linear speed

If your goal is simply to lose fat and stay in shape then 10-20 x 100m @ 90% with walk back recoveries will do the trick. However if your goal is to actually get faster then you need to go the low volume route, such as 4x20m and 1-3x40m, all at 100% with full recoveries.

Also I would recommend that you check out some of Charlie francis’ material and ignore all the other bullshit out there.

Thanks for the input guys. more concerned with linear speed at this point. I will try all of this out later in the day depending on the weather.