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Critique my Split


hey guys i need some info on my split routine tell me how it is

Bench 6*6
close grip 3*3
lying tricep press 3*8
dumbbell kick back 3*8
Push down 3*8
crunches 3*20
cable crunches 3*8

pull up 3*10
Deadlift 3*8
dumbbell rows 3*8
front pull down 3*8
hammer curl 3*8
preacher curl 3*8
straight bar curl 3*8
seated curl 3*8
decline sit up 3*20
cable crunches 3*8

Monday rest

Military press 3*8
Barbell shrugs 3*6
incline bench 3*6
Front dumbbell raise 3*8
shoulder flyes 3*8
lying one arm tricep ext 3*8
lying tricep press 3*8
single arm push down 3*8
leg raise 3*20
cable crunches 3*8

Squat 3*8
leg press 3*8
leg extension 3*8
lying leg curl 3*8
Calves 3*15
Leg raise 3*20
cable crunches 3*8

thursday rest

friday rest

currently taking animal nitro pak, tribulus, ON 100% whey protein and GNC vitamin pak


I thought I was going to see you run - LOL! (title says sprint)


I'm a little confused. Was "Critique my Sprint" a typo, or is this the routine that you are going to be using as a sprinter? If that is the case, I'd say the program is not really very good. Your lower body is your most valuable assest as as sprinter so I'd say training it as much as the upper body is generally in order. Use the "search" function for "Designer Athletes" by Mike Robertson.

If you meant to say "Critique my Split," well that's a different story. What are your goals (strength-wise and aesthetics), where are you at now (lifts, height/weight, measurements)?



me too, I was pretty excited too.


haha I coulda sworn there was gonna be a youtube link in here with the kid sprinting


You're over-stridding, and the body lean is to upright ....


I like how the OP bothered to change the thread's name and spell "split" correctly, yet he hasn't responded to the thread.

Good job! thumbs up