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Critique my split

Typical progression: 3x 3x 2x 2x 2x, 10-12 reps of everything

Day 1: Quads dominant
Leg Press
Seated Leg Raises
Standing Calf raises
Seated calf raises

Day 2: Pull (back, biceps, rear deltoids)
Bent over rows or Close grip rows
Horizontal Rows OR Close grip cable rows
Bicep curls
DB Shrugs

Day 3: Recovery

Day 4: Hips dominant
Good Mornings
Weighted leg lifts
Weighted crunches

Day 5: Recovery

Day 6: Push (chest, triceps, deltoids)
Bench or Incline Bench
Skullcrushers or close grip bench or standing barbell shoulder press
Skullcrushers or close grip bench or standing barbell shoulder press (something other than previous set - if first set is tri exercise, then second is shoulder and vice versa depending on which one is more limiting)
Rear or side lateral raises

Day 7: Recovery

Goal: Purely size. I currently weight somewhere between 140 and 150 and I’m aiming for a “fat” 175. I’m okay with losing my six pack. (Diet is my usual weakness but that’s another post and I’ve got a plan for that as well. Hardgainer = small eater.)

I modeled the split off of:


Thanks in advance!

Mmm, don’t know much about that program. I don’t really care for that split actually but if it gets results so be it.

Why all the recovery days? Your a beginner and shouldn’t need that many IMO.

Edit: Only reason i don’t care for it is that there is too man “or”'s “either incline or flat bench”…why not do both? Just seems weird.

The split has some flaws, in my opinion. Do you care to explain why you chose this split?

Seems like the leg day is an overhaul, there is virtually no direct rear deltoid work on your back day. DB Flyes, reverse pec-deck, some of the HS rowing machines can be isolated to him them pretty well.

And what?!?!?!?! One exercise for biceps? Dude, don’t be afraid to work the guns. Everybody wants big ass arms, and everybody likes big ass arms, so train like it. Do two or three exercises for them, and do them before your back day so they’re not exhausted by the time you get to all the rowing. Also, this will mean your biceps will be tired and unable to take over on the exercises.

The hip day is kind of bizarre, IMO. Seems so taxing to that point. Deadlifts? Your back day was the day before, that means you’re going to be at a disadvantage lifting them anyway… hope you’re keeping it light. I don’t really understand the good mornings either, as that’s more conventionally a hamstring exercise.

Lastly, why two different versions of skull crushers? They’re great, yeah, but they don’t hit all the heads of your triceps. There are three, after all. Vary it up some… throw some close-grip benches (or some variation) in there and something to hit the rear head well.

I’d probably try something different, but again, that’s my opinion.

Most programs work fine as long as you stick with it and work hard and dont switch it up every other week. And I’m surprised no one has said this yet, but eat big and smart.

Thanks for the input, all…did a bit more reading and came out with this. SSC, thanks for your point on the tricep heads.

K-man, the recovery days are more a “I’m stupid-busy already but f— it, I’m bulking” consideration than a training one.

I used to train chest/tris and back/bis same day, hoping switching it up helps me get over plateaus from undertraining secondaries by tiring them out before hitting them directly.

Jerseykevin, I agree. My main issue has been “not eating enough” and that’s what I really want to attack. I did some serious shopping the past 2 days stocking my fridge/freezer with chicken breasts, salmon, whole grain bread, eggs, and veggies. Costco is a godsend :smiley:

On a related note, I’ve got an office job and I stash some low-sugar oatmeal/nuts/beef jerky/clif builder bars in my desk. Anyone have any suggestions for clean protein sources that don’t go bad or smell? (Keeping raw chicken in my cubicle might end up giving me 8-10 extra hours a day to hit the gym)

Split, version deux:

Chest and bis
3x bench
3x incline bench
1x dips
2x bb curls
2x hammer curls
1x cable curls

3x Squats
3x Leg Press
2x stiff leg deadlifts
3x standing calf raises
2x seated calf raises

Back and tris
3x Deadlifts
3x Barbell rows
2x Pulldowns
3x weighted dips
3x close grip bench

Shoulders and abs
3x Military press (might use db’s, have some shoulder issues)
3x bent over lateral raise
2x seated lateral raise
3x Superset ab roll/plank
3x superset standing cable/twist cable crunches
3x superset negative ball situps/hanging leg raises

The oddball abs workout comes from: