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Critique My Split


To the point: This is my first designed program, I wanted a 5-day split as that fits optimally with my schedule. I'm not getting into detail about the set/rep scheme because I want a quick simple answer to 2 questions:

  1. Is there a glaring omission of any muscle I'm missing?
  2. Is there any noticeable imbalance? (for example if I was doing biceps 4x a week and chest once)

Each day is dedicated to one main lift, then a series of assistance exercises

Day 1 (vert pulls / Biceps)
Wide-grip Lat Pulldowns or Rope Pulldowns
Barbell Curls
Hammer Curls

Day 2 (Chest/Tri/Horiz Push)
Incline DB Press
DB Tri Extensions
Calves Exercise

Day 3 (Legs)
Front Squat
Romanian Deadlift
Glute-Ham Raises
Leg Extensions
Step-ups till failure

Day 4 (Horiz Pull)
Pendlay Rows or T-bar rows
Elbows-in DB Rows
Face Pulls
2 Abs exercises

Day 5 (Vert Push)
Seated Barbell Overhead Press
High-Incline Dumbbell Press
Dumbbell Lateral Raises
Machine Lateral Raise
2 Calves Exercises

Feedback appreciated.


I guess I should mention a couple other things:

Goal: strength/size. Yes I’m eating a lot. No I’m not concerned about my ab definition or paranoid about bodyfat percentage (about 12% as of now). I just want to start tipping the scales, I know the basics are what’s important but would prefer not to develop any muscle imbalances that I’ll just have to fix later anwyay.

Main exercises (presses, squats and deadlifts) will be done with ramping sets of 3 reps. Other exercises set/reps vary based on the lift itself (amount of weight being moved, whether it’s compound/isolation, etc.)


what are your calf exercies?


Depends what’s available in the gym. Seated calf raises, Iso Calf raises on smith machine or with dumbbells (standing on a box). I’m too tall to get full extension on the standing calf raise machine which kinda sucks.

Also gonna try out donkey calf raises on smith machine next time I get a chance.

Generally speaking my main lifts are ramping sets of 3, assistance are ramping sets of 6-8