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Critique my Split!

Hi, I’m 35 and want you to tell me how this looks:

Bench Press
DB snatch

Over head BB press

I guess Monday and Friday would be the heavier days 5 or 6 sets of 3 for those exercises, Tuesday and Thursday the 3 or 4 sets of 10.
What do you think? I’m about 6 feet tall 235 lbs but about 18% BF. Thanks.

If it were me ( and its not! ) I would swap the dead and OHP. Also I would make Mon. Tues. the heavies.

Ok will do. Is the deads/OHP switch to save my back?

Yeah. Keep your chest/shoulders together back/legs together. In fact if you add arms Id do chest shoulder tris / legs back bis.

I agree if you are training 4 times a week a good way to split it up would be two days upper and two days lower. I would also work your upper back quite a bit more. My preference would be

A1 Bench Press
A2 Pull-ups
B1 Overhead BB Press
B2 DB Rows

A Squat
B Deadlift
C1 DB snatch
C2 Lunges

alternate sets of exercises with same letter, ie A1, A2, A1, A2 etc

I also would replace regular deadlift with romainian DL to save yourself from two back to back brutal lower body exercises.