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Critique my Split Routine


Would something like:

Day 1: Chest

Flat dumbbell bench
Decline Bench
Dumbell Flies
Pec Deck

Day 2: Legs

Squats (front or back, I switch it up every 4 to 6 weeks)
Dumbell Lunges
Leg Curls
Claf raises (4x12)

Day 3: Arms

Preacher curls
Skull Crushers
Reverse Curl
Hammer curl

Day 4: Back and Shoulders

Pull ups
Krok rows
Pull downs
Reverse fly

look better? I spend probably 1 to 1.5 hours in the gym right now which I am fine with.... I can see what you guys are saying about back / shoulder and chest day so i edited out a few lifts...

I dont want to do a chest/bi and back/tri thing since I dont feel I hit either adequately enough when i do that... I like this split but I need some input in terms of moving/adding/subtracting lifts.... unless someone wants to tell me DC is the way to go...


Well, 75 reps of bench pressing seems like way too much. Lagging or not, I would drop one variation at least.

I would add in some more hamstring/lower back work, like weighted back extensions, pull throughs etc

And calves - 4 sets a week?

For traps I find something like hang cleans and presses work good. They probably won't get massive by adding some shrugs at the end of a workout.

For me personally, I would probably replace the decline bench with dips and add skull crushers and make that a chest/tri day and either move the shoulders to bicep day. Or move biceps to back day, and give shoulders their own day and do something like traps/shoulders.

Overall, if every exercise is 5x5 thats way too much volume per workout imo. I think you might be better off just doing a program written by one of the coaches here.


forgot to add lat pulldowns on back day...

Also, on the calves, I actually end up doing them 2 times or more a week with the 4x12 I just pick a day where they feel rested and go from there.... I dont schedule the second day right now cause I never now how they are going to feel....

more suggestions are always appreciated...


maybe its just time to try DC....


Too much.


Definitely too much. Chest and back/shoulder day look like a cluster f*ck. I would pick one of Thibs' programs or somthing else from one of the coaches here. How long are you spending in the gym?