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Critique My Split and Nutrition


Ok here goes the workout plan:

6sets flat dummbell bench (1x20, 5-6-8)
6sets incline dummbell bench (1x20, 5-6-8)
5 sets dummbell flys (flat bench) 5x10
One more chest exercise, that varies… 4 sets 8 reps… Was thinking dips or more flat bench
-2 sets of pushups
-Machine rows (1x20, 5x8)
-Machine rows (1x20, 5x8)
-Face pulls (1x20, 5x8)
-Reverse flies on the pec/fly machine using open grip (5x8)


BBell Pull up (1x20, 5x8)
Preacher curls (1x20, 5x8)
hammer curls (1x20, 5x8)
Concentration curl (5x8)
Tri pull downs with rope (1x20, 5x8)
Tri pull downs with angled bar (1x20, 5x8)
Skullcrushers (1x20, 5x8)

Weighted ab crunches (1x20, 5x8)
decline crunches twisting ball from side to side, focusing on squeezing (1x20, 5x8)
hanging leg raises
**One more exercise from tnation members to recommend. Something for upper abes
Squats (1x20 , 5x6)
Calve raise superset 5x10
Dead Lifts 1x20, 4x8
Superset Leg curls and extensions 5x8

My nutrient intake for a office job sitting on my ass all week is 180g Protein, 153grams (seems a bit low, should I add some more early in the day or post workout with a sweet potato? and 62 grams of fat. I weight 190. probably about 20%bodyfat

Food, macro breakdown, office job… wirh carbs, 63 fat , 174 protein. Looking to up the carbs a bit however


Where’s your shoulder work?


I do lateral shoulder lifts on arms day, also do shrugs here and there. Don’t want to work my delts much because I had poor form on bencn when I first started lifting… rolled shoulders and all haha


Poor form is poor form and it should not be the reason you don’t train your shoulders. Also if you don’t even know how to perform an overhead press correctly, what makes you think a split routine like this is the best or even good for you?

Learn the basics before doing routines like this.


Man… There’s a lot happening in there.

Without knowing what your goals are, I’d say more is not better and 20 reps of deadlifts would absolutely suck.


46 sets on one day?

Seriously dude, how much work do you think it takes to stimulate growth and what sort of intensity do you hope to apply to all that work?

If you could go at any sort of intensity, how do you hope to recover? Especially on what looks like 1800kcals per day? I’d be expecting you to eat a small farm animals each day.


It takes me 1.5 hours for a workout, what exercises would you recommend lightening up on?


You don’t need to lighten the workload, you need to rework your entire routine. Answer these questions first so it’ll be easier to help:

  • What is your goal at the moment? Strength? Mass? Fat loss?
  • How is your training background?
  • How much time both per workout and weekly do you have or are willing to dedicate to training?


My goal is mass gaining, not strength, no fatloss at the moment. Been training for 2.5 years, with improper form…

Currently my form is much better and I’ve dropped the weight in order to keep form…

I go to the gym directly after work, so not much time but I can do things at work like eat food or preworkout, so more time can be givrn… after the gym I eat dinner, protein shake an hour before bed


Then pick an actual bodybuilding routine instead of making one yourself since you clearly lack the knowledge to do so. Look into programs that allow you to work your entire body twice a week for example. If you don’t know how to execute an overhead press correctly, odds are you are not nearly advanced enough to benefit from a split like this.

Routines like upper-lower body splits or even a basic thrice a week full body routine will take you long way as long as you progress either in terms of weight on the bar or reps per set.


I stopped the shoulder pressed because I was getting rolled should, now cool with it again. This is a variation of Arnold’s blueprint for mass. And ifbimbdoing a beginner workout routine then how am ibsuppose to see natural results , if ive done 2 years of training. This seems impossible to me, I’m not understanding anything. Am I at least on track with nutrition and macros?


Nutritionally, fat and protein intake seem good enough, but how much carbs are you eating?

Well then Arnold’s blueprint for mass is shit.

A full body routine does not equal beginner routine. Also the time you have trained has absolutely nothing to do with how advanced you are.


150grams or so, I want to up it, i think it needs to be a tad higher.

Anyone for recommendations on where to go for some routines? I’m trying to focus heavyon my chest so I’m keeping the dumbbell benches over the barbell. I read in an article on here that it is better to concentrate the chest that way. I feel like my chest and back days are on point but not now that I’ve heard all this.


This article has a lot of different workout routines to pick from. Read the header as well as it helps you to define what kind of a program is or is not suitable for someone like you according to the original author.

Also up your carbs. You get under 2000 calories daily which is way too low for someone of your size.


Even for someone sitting at an office for 10nhours ? And I appreciate all the input guys! Can someone explain to me why this program is crap/too much for me to handle. I recover very quick


Found the link I’ll check it out and post back here


It’s not that you couldn’t handle it. Anyone could do a routine like that but it’s simply not efficient and worth doing. You don’t need a separate day for arms, your training volume for your arms alone is more than your leg volume and as your body recovers fairly quickly, you’ll throw half of the week away in terms of progress by only working each muscle group once.


I see your point on the volume of arm work, but this is a 6 day routine so I’m taking full advantage of the week, not trying to argue but I’m hitting everything twice


Ah, that evens it out a bit. But it brings another problem. There’s way too much focus on arm work. Your arms now have two secondary and two primary days.

The programs mentioned in the article I linked are pretty damn well balanced and a ton more efficient than this current program. You don’t need nearly as many exercises given that you actually do the few sets and exercises intensely.


Greatly appreciate it, going to find one from the article this afternoon andn post up in this thread for thoughts and minor tweaks based on muscular imbalances I have right now.