Critique My Routine

This is kind of long, so my apologies

Basic goals- greater mass with concentration on shoulders, upper arms, legs and forearms, more explosive strength, greater overall fitness levels and muscular endurance.
My main goal is the mass but I don’t want to specialize too heavily at the expense of other almost as important things and I don’t want to burn out, I work a lot as it is. Also, of course I just really want to get stronger and if I’m putting weight on the bar I’m happy

Six days a week- Every day full body and centered around multi joint movements.

Three days of 5x5, basically powerlifting types of things with the rep range more up in the hypertrophy range. I like singles a lot and gas quickly after triples, so I’m trying to force a new direction.

Two days of 12x1, explosive olympic type exercises. Because I like them, to break up the monotony to keep from burning out, and because I’m not terribly explosive.

One day of 2x12, because I absolutely hate the rep range, for muscular endurance working in that range, and to keep the gut in check.

This is loosely based on a lot of Waterbury theory but adapted a little more to my personal schedule and needs. I’ve made great gains on a couple of his programs with no modification, but right now with my schedule none of his out of the book stuff is quite fitting me.

Saturday- Medium High Reps for conditioning and muscular endurance

2 x 12

Step ups
Hang cleans

A1 Machine calf raise
A2 Gripper

Sunday- Powerbuilding


Power Shrug

A1 Bench Press
A2 Barbell Row

B1 Wrist Curl
B2 Standing calf Raise

Monday- Powerbuilding


Oly Squat

A1 Push Press
A2 Pull ups

B1 Static Hold
B2 Seated Calf Raise

Tuesday- Explosiveness


One Arm snatch

Power clean

Wednesday- Powerbuilding



A1 Dumbbell Press
A2 Chin Ups

B1 Weighted Hangs
B2 Calf Raise

Thursday- Explosiveness

12 x1

Clean and Jerk

High Pull

Friday- Rest

I’m kind of concerned that there isn’t enough heavy loading to build a decent amount of muscle, but I don’t have a partner to keep me motivated and if I burn out I won’t set foot inside the gym for two months. I don’t really know how anyone can critique that part without knowing me better than I know myself though.

I’m also not very well versed in designing a program around explosive lifts. This is a work in progress though, I’m playing with it this week and finalizing it by friday night, then its set in stone for three weeks. I need constructive criticism with suggestions on what to change, I spent a lot of time designing this. I know its far from perfect and I hope I can get some help on this. Thanks in advance!

Unless you are an extreme genetic freak, that is most likely WAY too much of EVERYTHING.

Your best bet, if you’re new to training, is to find a program on here and give it a go.

“Westside for Skinny Bastards” is a good basic template that can be mixed around to accommodate some of your goals.


It seems like you’ve got a ton of volume in there, honestly if you were going to be beating up so much of yourself constantly there would be no time for recovery. that being said that would be very dependent on previous training. If you are an intermediate lifter which it kinda sounds like, I don’t think jumping right into 6 day a week training will do anything besides chronically fatigue you.

since you want to do this why not try 4 days a week and throw your oly lift/explosive days in with the PL days. I would reccomend taking a look at Mark Rippetoe’s “Practical Programing” Its my favorite lifting text and I’m using it to iron out my current routine