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Critique My Routine

[quote]GetBigs wrote:
The thing with squats is, I arch my back (I mean, I keep my back as straight as I can), as if I wanted to sit down, as soon as I reach parallel, my knees start hurting so bad I just want to stop, it’s uncomfortable squatting like that, feels like I’m about to get some injury, which I don’t want to happen.[/quote]
Yeah, like Flip said, I think a video for review might help. If you can do a good, deep squat without any weights, you should be able to eventually progress up to goblet squats and eventually back squats with good technique.

Yeah, those machines especially can be pretty inaccurate. I should’ve clarified, I meant general fat level as in kinda lean, average-ish, pudgy, etc. If you’re “around 15%”, I’ll take it to mean you don’t currently have abs or much definition. That’s no big deal, because at your age, height, and weight, you can definitely see some major results from hard training and smart eating.

I lolled much at Fncj’s “anywhere paper products are sold”. But, yeah, just a simple notebook that you’d use for school is fine.