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Critique My Routine


Quick info about me:

Height: 5'11
Weight: 205 lb
Age: 17
Bench: 255x3
Squat: 355x3
DL: 455
Clean: 225x2

My current diet is to try to avoid fast food and shit food in general but other than that eat everything I can.

I play football and go to a speed trainer 3 times a week (for the most part on tue/thur/sat). My issue is I want to work legs 3 times a week as well. Here's what I've put together.

Squat - 3x3
Clean - 3x3
GH-Raise x 3
Weighted Pullups x 3

Bench - 4x3
Incline x 3
CG Bench x 3
Weighted Dips x3

Deadlift - 3x3
RDL x 3
BB Row - 3x6

Push Press - 3x5
DB Press x 3
Weighted Dips x 3
CG Bench x 3

Clean - 3x3
Single Leg Squat - 3x6
GH-Raise x 3
Leg Extension x 4

BB Row - 4x6
Pullups - 3xF

So that's what I've got. I do more rowing on saturday, just kinda depends on whats open. My goals are to gain weight, and get stronger/more explosive. Any and all critique is welcome, I've been lurking a long time but still have much to learn.


i would highly recommend just getting on a proven program. that way you will minimize any imbalances. 5/3/1 has a football version. or you could try defrancos westside variations. or even something as simple as 5x5 like madcow or strong lifts.

looking at your program i see some imbalances. you have twice as many pushing as pulling sets. that should be the same or even reversed. also, you have nearly twice as many upper body movements compared to lower body.

any reason you feel the need to lift everyday? with football practice and the speed work that is a lot of capacity to have to deal with. there is a point of diminishing returns and i think you may be there. also, i am guessing that football is your main focus. if so, focus on it. make weight lifting a supplement to the football, not the football a supplement to the football.

try this. set up a 2 day workout with only 2 lifts for each workout. the lesson to be learned is not just what you put in the workout, but what you leave out. use only what gets you the most bang for your buck. now, build the program around that 2 day, 2 lift workout. just keep the spirit of the simplified workout.


Main reason I go to the gym everyday is I love working out and since it’s summer i have the time. And for the most part I can put more weight on the bar each week.

If I were to take out an exercise from Tuesday and Thursday each and add pull-ups on Wednesday I could have more pulling sets than push. Thanks for pointing that out though I didn’t even realize it.

I’m not a huge fan of set programs either though. I’ve done them in the past and while I’ve had success they just take all the enjoyment out of lifting and kinda make me dread going to workout. Come the start of the season I will be running 5/3/1 though.

Also my sessions with my trainer are taxing as hell which is why I don’t have much for my legs. I’m basically working them 6 days a week.