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Critique My Routine

Ive done both Neanderthal no more part 4 and part 5 and they have helped me iron out imbalances but I still feel weak in my posterior chain and core so I want to use a routine mainly to address these issues. I also have quite a few side to side imbalances (left shoulder girdle higher than the other , so lats are tighter on right side, and my pelvis is higher on right side so my glutes/hamstrings are imbalanced)

Please feel free to critique , and if you ask why I have not included squats , deadlifts, bench press â?? I have mobility issues which Iâ??m trying to fix and my left shoulder is impinged so I want to focus more on pulling/easier exercises. Not sure on volume I was thinking 3x8-12 for each exercise

Monday â?? legs

Good morning
Bulgarian Split Squat
Supine bridge
Chin tucks
Hanging leg raise
Anti rotation on cable

Wed â?? Pull
Wide pronated grip row
Lat Pulldown
Face Pulls
Rear Delt fly
Prone bridge
Side bridge

Friday â?? Legs/Push
Leg curl
Supine bridge / single leg holds
Pull through
DB dorsiflexion
Flat DB press/Incline
DB tricep extension
DB protraction
Reverse Crunch
Prone bridge


I don’t know what half of that shit is.

Also, why only three days?

Also, what are your goals? Bodybuilders (because this is the BODYBUILDING forum, I can assume…) should never have to resort to having more “off days” than lifting days in a week.

Yeah, so this is a bodybuilding forum, like SSC mentioned. Check out this thread.

Sorry, main goals to develop strength / hypertrophy on posterior chain , hams glutes , back , also core