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Critique My Routine

Hello, please critique my routine. My arms are my weakest body part and I am trying to bring them up. Legs and Shoulders are my strong points.

Low Incline DB Press (ramp up to one heavy set)
Flat DB Press (2 working sets)
Flat DB Flyes (2 working sets)
Skullcrushers (2 working sets)
Seated Tricep Extension machine (inverse of a preacher curl machine) (2 working sets)

Seated Cable Rows (2 working sets)
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns (2 working sets)
DB Rows (2 working sets)
John Meadows DB Pullovers (2 working sets)
Standing DB Curls (2 working sets)
Machine Preacher Curls (2 working sets)

Deadlift (Ramp to one heavy set)
ATG Front Squats (2 working sets)
Lying Leg Curls (2 working sets)
Seated DB Shoulder Press (Ramp up to one heavy set)
Cable Side Laterals (2 working sets)
Rear delt machine (inverse of pec flye machine) (2 working sets)

Hammer Curls (ramp to one heavy set)
Weighted Narrow Grip Tricep Dips (ramp to one heavy set)
Preacher curls (2 working sets)
Seated Overhead EZ Bar Tricep extensions (2 working sets)
Straight Bar Curls (2 working sets)
Rope Tricep Pushdowns (2 working sets)
forearm flexor exercise 1 set to failure
forearm extensor exercise 1 set to failure

These workouts take under/close to 1 hr. The longest is legs/shoulders day

There’s really nothing to critique. You seem to know what you need to do and you’ve hit all the right stuff. Good luck.

I like it, just would switch up flat dbs with guillotine presses when you get bored or want to switch. They’ve helped bring my chest up a ton.

And I like pinwheels in place of hammers sometimes too.

Are you getting the results you intended to get? YES? Then the routine is fine.
NO? The routine sucks

looks good to me, how´s it working for you?

have you tried incorporating incline DB curls on arm day? great exercise for hitting the biceps!

hey guys thanks for the tips and feedback. I’ve actually only been on this split for a week, beforehand I was doing the traditional

M - Chest
Tu - Back
W - Legs
Th - Shoulders
F - Arms

5 day split. Of course its only been a week but I like training 4 days a week instead of 5. My workouts are typically a bit shorter then they were before and I think the decrease in volume will also help with recovery. I guess I will find out in the coming weeks/months.