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Critique My Routine


Just looking for peoples opinions on workout plan. Been looking at a few different programmes for a while and thinking of using this one over the next few months.
Using a template from a Eric Cressey and exercies from fitness atlantic website.

Monday lower body

Front squats
Single leg press

Tuesday upper body

Chin ups
bench press
BB bent over row
push press

Wednesday off

Thursday lower body

Back squat
db lunges

Friday off

Saturday upper body

DB row
hang clean and press
pull down
push ups
BB curls

Using 3 or 4 sets per exercise with 4 - 6 reps or 8 - 12 reps

any thoughts on it would be great.


Looks wack to me if the goal is building a symmetrical and proportional physique. If you must work out 4 days a week I think you'd be better off with something like:

Monday- Legs quads(3)/hams(2)

Tuesday - Chest(3)/Tri's(2)/Calves(2) I'd do dips for chest so you can do 2 more isolated type movements for triceps afterwards.

Thursday- Back(3-4)/Bi's(2)/Abs(2)

Saturday - Delts front(1-2)/side(2)/Rear(1)/Traps(1)/Calves(2)

*Numbers in parentheses indicate number of exercises for that muscle group.
*3-4 sets per exercise 6-12 reps, 1-2 top sets to failure per exercise


Looks decent. I don't know about hitting legs again with only two days between sessions. If you're training heavy...

After a nice base of strength is built I would switch to a more focused body part split.


Very good post.


I really like this routine....What kinds of workouts do u do for rear delts? Have you seen some good results from this routine?? Email me man Yankeemaniac89@aol.com


For rear delts I do 4 sets of face down rear raises on an incline bench and 3 sets of standing cable x's. Lately been experimenting with the 25-30 rep range for rear delts inspired by this article:


Yes I see great results from training similarly to this. I just split things up a bit more into a 5 day a week routine instead of 4.


He is great, but why would you follow Eric Cressey for bodybuilding info? He doesn't deal with bodybuilders - AT ALL - and isn't even fond of bodybuilding training.


Ok cool....How do u split it up into a 5 day routine? I actually started doing this routine this week...My chest is my weakest point so im doin that twice a week.