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Critique My Routine



I've been lifting for a long time, but not consistently. My goals are standard, lose fat and gain muscle. I'm pretty fat from drinking - 5'8" 215lbs. I've got about 40lbs to lose. My max Bench Press is 280 and my max Deadlift 420.

I also wanted a program that is fun, would get me in the habit of lifting often, and one that I could do with the equipment I have at home. Here's what I came up with...

M- Deadlift 4X5 / Bench Press 4X5
T- Sandbag Carry (150lbs) for distance (10min) / Side Bends 2x8-15
W- Front Squat 4x3 / Chin 4x5 / Dip 4x5
TH- Keg Carry (180lbs) for distance (10 min) / Situps 2x8-15
F- Back Squat 4x5 / Overhead Press 4x5
Sat- Penlay Row 4x3 / Farmer Walk (125lbs)
Sun- Rest

I know diet makes up most of the fat loss, so I'm just planning to eat clean: meat, fruits and veggies. A lot of meat, and keep carbs under 100 grams. No booze.

Basically, just eat clean and lift heavy. I figure I can drop 20 pounds of fat in 2-3 months with this plan, and then switch it up to something a little more refined, if need be. What do you think?


I assume that my proposed routine is so perfect that others are stunned into silence.


You could do Wii fit and lose weight if your diet is under control.

What is your diet plan. Eat clean covers a lot of ground. How about you spell out your eating plan.


Fair enough - but I'm trying not to get too complicated with my diet. I want something I can stick to for a long time. I am aiming to eat 1-2 pounds of meat a day, as many veggies as I want (stir fried mainly, with a lot of oil - lots of good fats), and some fruit of occasion. Like I said, the only "rules" I have for my diet is to keep carbs under 100 grams, no alcohol, and no sugars/refined grains. Basically paleo, with a lot of good fats. Clean.

I figure if you eat paleo style and lift heavy weights often, you'll get about as big, strong and ripped as most people want. I guess I think people over complicate things.