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Critique My Routine Please


This is a tentative routine that I may soon be doing. My current routine is much different than this one; however, I'm in the middle of a career change and will not have much time to train in the future so am cutting my routine down to 3 days a week, and may have to further trim it down to 2 days a week.

Day 1 (Monday)
Bench press
Dips (weighted)
Goodmornings or Stiff legged deadlift
Pec-dec/chest fly (I just have to)
Calf work
- somtimes additional core (stomach) work

Day 2 (Tuesday)
Bent over row
Pull-ups (weighted)
Overhead press
*explosive squat (40% max, 8 sets 4 reps), or possibly regular weight snatch (not both)

Day 3 (Friday)
Squat of Deadlift (never both, I may alternate each week)
Barbell curls
Barbell reverse curls
Weighted sit-up
Weighted hanging leg raise
*explosive bench press (40-50% max 8 sets 3 reps)

Sets/reps: I typically do 3 sets to failure in each lift. The first failure is with heaviest weight and typically around 5 reps, the 2nd and 3rd are both with progressively lighter weights and around 8-10 reps. I rest anywhere from about 3-5 minutes between the heavy sets. The order of the exercises is the order I would potentially do them during the routine.
My goals as of this program will be to increase strength; I'll also be on a bulking diet while performing this routine. I will do no other even remotely athletic activities during my off days (I won't have any opportunity to).

Any feedback, especially from the experts, would be greatly appreciated. Flames are also welcomed but not encouraged.




Well I'm no expert MattFarlick, but to be honest with you I smell Olympia greatness in the near future by following this routine.

I think it will propell what must already be an awe inspiring physique to areas yet charted by the masses.



Yeah, I agree. This is more or less the goal I have in mind.


Why are you doing explosive stuff at the end?


Should I put this at the beginning?


If youre only doing a 3 day a week routine, why wouldnt you just do monday/wednesday/friday split?


By the time I got to overhead presses on that second day, assuming you're going heavy, my shoulders would be totally fried. Rows, Pullups and OHP in a row on the same day? I'd maybe throw one of the three on the last day before the biceps.

Anyone else have any comments? My deltoids are naturally really tight, so maybe I'm the only one that is slightly put off by that arrangment.


^ what he said


How can you be explosive at the end of a workout when you're fatigued?

Explosivity is the ultimate in athletic potential, requiring everything your type 2 fibres have. If they're already drained, then you can still do it but not at the level you would if you were fresh.




Thank you


Anymore advice?


If the stats you posted on your profile are correct, you are stronger than 99% of people on this site, which i then profer the question, why ask anyone else? especially random people on the internet..ESPECIALLY on a site with MANY coaches and even MORE programs to suit ANY training style and taste.

oh, and btw, your program is unorganized, unbalanced (especially lower v upper and horizontal push v horizontal pull), totally lacking in knowledge of proper rep schemes and periodization, and otherwise totally random grabasstic mess...you'd find better in Flex or muscle n'fiction.

have you even once read a training article on this site? for "strength gains" failure training is probably the worst thing you can do, especially in the rep ranges you will be working for you 'pump' sets.

but otherwise, well done, i'm sure this will provide days of gains and years of setbacks!


going to failure on every set is not going to help you with strength gains sir. it's not like you won't make gains at all on this routine, because any heavy lifting is better than none.

there are plenty of great articles on routines already that aren't lengthy...especially if you increase your density with shorter rest periods between sets. 10x3@6RM with 60sec rest is certainly an ass kicker. And if you're so concerned about time why not just do antagonist supersets?


well according to your profile your a strong guy and im sure you know what works for you so maybe youd make good gains off of this. but heres something to look at for strength gains when you dont have as much time to workout cause your busy in life. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459274


I'd say that if you are as strong as you're profile says you are (and I have my doubts), then you are more than a beginning intermediate. I'm sure you didn't get this way by not knowing your body.

My point is, if you've gotten yourself to where you supposedly are, you will know your body better than any of us will to give you training advice.



You have way too many scapular protraction/humeral internal rotation exercises in relation to your scapular retraction/external rotation exercises. Check out EC's article, "Shoulder Savers, Part I" for exercises that fit each category. Add more exercises in the LEFT column.




I appreciate the feedback thus far. I consider myself genetically gifted because in the past I could basically go into a gym and look at the weights and get bigger/stronger, but I never studied up on what really works/doesn't work until more recently, and my gains have for the most part stopped for the last year or so.

The reason I'm asking random people on the internet is because I don't know of where else I could appeal to a larger audience of people who probably has at least some understanding of the strength game. Additionally, I know there are a number of experts here at T-Nation who may drop some of their wisdom on my routine.

Either way, I'm learning and trying to improve myself and my routine. Any and all feedback is great. Thanks again.


i'm definitely no expert, but just looking at that routine you have 13 exercises for your upperbody (including abs), and 4 for your lowerbody, with one being an optional exercise. are you bottom heavy right now?