Critique My Routine Please!

This is my first post, so hi everyone.
I’m a beginner (6 months under my belt) and I train with three friends who have different conditioning levels (1 same as me, and 2 lower)
After much reading around the net I devised my own program that works about the limitations I have, which basically boil down to lack of equipment (I only have dumbbells, a short barbell, a bench, a lot of plates and a nearby park with all sorts of bars).

I probably committed a lot of mistakes, so help me amend them before it’s too late!

Without further ado…this is the frankestein I created.
It’s a M/W/F split

Monday - Chest & Biceps
4x10 bench press * (* means mixed, that is one set of bp, rest, one set of curls, rest, then bp again…etc, kinda like a superset but resting inbetween) with 4x10 hammer curls
3x10 weighted decline pushups * 3x10 barbell curls
3x10 bench press * 3x10 pinwheel curls
3xreps bicycle crunches * 3x15 reverse hyper-extensions

Wednesday - Legs & Shoulders
4x10 bb squats * 2x10 lateral raise and 2x10 anterior raise
4x10 db lunges * 4x10 overhead shoulder press
1x30 calf raises and 1x10 stiff legged deadlift * 2x10x3 shrugs
high rep rotator cuff work

Friday - Back & Triceps (at the park, no weights)
4x10 chin/pull-ups * 4x10 tricep dips
4x10 inverted row * 4x10 tricep dips
2x10 chin/pull-ups * 2x10 hands closer elbows tucked in pushups
3xreps bicycle crunches * 3x15 reverse hyper-extensions
(it’s not like I can do that volume of pullups yet, so I go for reps on all those sets)

alternate the rotator cuff work with the core work at the end every week, so its 2 rotatr 1 core, 1 rotator 2 core, etc…

Okay, time to point and laugh at all you see wrong here guys. Understand I can’t bring significant weights to the park, but I need to go there for back exercises (I want and need to get good at pullups, plus my lower back is rehabing so no rows), that’s why I coupled back and triceps which can also be made without weights (not strong enough yet to complete all those dips either).
You’ll also notice the abuse of some exercises, like the bench press. but I just fucking love bench pressing too much to look for alternatives for chest (chest dips?)
My goal is to get size and strength by moving up the numbers in the weighted exercises and reaching the 10 reps in the bodyweight ones(still far away). My diet consists of eating everything in sight that is highly caloric and has protein, which will obviously make harder to hit the bodyweight goals, but as long as I put muscle, I can cut later, and that’d be more efficient, right?
Your thoughts on my training routine?

Just out of curiosity, what is the rationale behind supersetting chest/bis and back/tris?

None, besides what I mentioned (can’t use weights on back day, so back/triceps got coupled and the rest fell in place like that by elimination). Is it really a superset if I rest a bit between the sets?

I also thought that being muscles and exercises than have not much in common in these “supersets”, that allows me to recover a bit more between sets of the same exercise. But I mixed them up primarly to spice things up, it feels more fun that way. I could do all the chest exercises, and then all bicep exercises, but does it make a difference if I mix them? (I know this is not a real superset)

I just wanted to make sure you HAD a reason other than: I read it in this men’s health magazine…and… =/