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Critique My Routine/Other Things


Hey guys, new member here but have been an avid reader of most of TNation for a while now.
Before I start ill go straight into some 1rm stats (raw) after nearly 2 years training at 16 years old @ 170 lb b.w.

DL: 340lbs
Back Squat: 315 lbs
Front Squat: 260 lbs
Push Press: 160 lbs
Power Clean: 165 lbs
Bench: 170lbs ie horrible due to rotator cuff problems and laying off it for a few months until i sort out the problem.

As for goals, I am currently trying to up strength substantially and gain mass (not fussed in regards to if its not all lean) By the end of the year I want to increase my 1RM on my Pull, Squats & Presses by at least 20%

In terms of physiques and to essentially begin my rant, its become apparent that alot of people my age are so caught up in having definition in their midsection, getting 'shredded' and whatever the hell they think girls actually find attractive (apparantly having arms bigger than you're legs is quite a popular one with the ladies...hah), that they are afraid to actually start eating a decent amount of food in the fear of gaining fat...or do anything but curl for that matter.

In fact, it almost sucks being my age because when/if there is a conversation about lifting and i just so happen to tell people that I train, the first thing that will pop into their heads is, bicep curls, crunches etc, ie impossible to speak to more experienced guys about about subject due to stupid stereotyping.
So really I think its safe to say, I don't like many people my age.

In regards to diet I aim to hit around 3000-3500 kcals (250/300/150 ish) of what is mostly clean food; alot of tuna, chicken, red meat, eggs, milk, brown rice, beans, nuts and oils.

Enough of that. As for what ive been doing training wise lately is a low rep scheme push pull split. It's mostly 80% 1RM and up on all lifts. As you'll see its very minimalistic in terms of variety of excersises. Ive found that because of the nature of what im doing (Squatting and Pressing twice a week), it's pretty stressful on my joints, especially at my age, so I tend to more or less listen to my body and mix and match so to speak. So here it is.


12x2 Back Squat
12x2 Push Press plus 3x1
Pylo Push Ups


12x2 Dead Lift plus 3x1
8x3 Pendlay Row
5x15 Hanging Leg Raise

Light/Accessory Work (The Bear Complex, Isolation Excersises)


12x2 Front Squat plus 3x1
10x3 Push Press
Pylo Push Ups


12x2 Power Clean plus 3x1
8x3 Snatch Grip High Pull
6x3 Pullover

The workouts usually last around 90min and rarely go over.

Let me know what you guys think and please by all means bash/insult/give advice. Apologies for the long post too.


you suck


I'm glad you're listening to your body. I think you would be better off adding more exercises per body part. Squatting 2x/week is nothing outrageous. I don't think push press alone will develop your shoulders completely.

What specifically are you doing for isolation exercises? I love having a dedicated arm day, just doesn't always fit into my schedule.

I think you did a good job putting this together. My overall tip would be to add in more volume to each day, for each body part.

Nice job!


Good for you, being sixteen and all. I think I was still picking my nose :wink:


I don't quite get it. That doesn't look like a bodybuilding routine at all. If your main concern is strength and you don't care about aesthetics, you may be in the wrong forum. Otherwise check out the bodybuilding bible thread.


Appreciate the kind advice man.
I think what I'll start doing is putting in some hypertrophy work on the second push day, ie more volume higher rep range and bigger variety of exercises, and keep the first day as a strength day focusing on the push press.
As for volume in regards to my lower body, ive always grown the most from doing low reps with heavy weight.

As for the 'off' day, the isolation work is mainly focusing on weak points, not just from an aesthetic standpoint but also interal things like my rotator cuff which is really the main reason im not doing many isolated shoulder execersises. Aside from that i'll usually chuck in some calves and neck work. But having a dedicated arm day sounds like a good idea too.

I'll post soon as to what i've changed and keep you updated in regards to progress,