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Critique My Routine (Bodyweight Exercises)


What do you think? Is it too much? I think there is balance between pushing-pulling and hamstring-quads, what else do i need to look?

Anyway, if there is more pulling than pushing and more hamstrings targeting than quads its fine because i have rounded shoulders(S type scoliosis and kyphosis) and APT respectively.

Mon: upper body
Inverted rows, pushups (inclinated and elevated), reverse elbow pushup

Wed: lower body
Bodyweight squats, leg lower drill, glute ham raise

Fri: upper body
Inverted rows, planks (center and side), bench dips

Sun: arms
bicep curls and lateral raises with dumbells

My goal is to build more muscle and improve posture.


Why are you splitting upper and lower body? You can do total body workouts MWF…especially bodyweight movements. If you’re working hard then you can get stronger with this but eventually you might want to pick up some weights. You can correct posture and imbalances while training. You don’t have to fix it before you start training hard.

I recommend you warmup and do your corrective stuff first every day. Then do a push, pull, and lower body movement.

Your program has more pushing that pulling. 1 set of scap shrugs and a day of inverted rows is less than 2 days of dips plus a day of push-ups.

Leg balance looks fine but you can only go so far with bodyweight squats. Consider lunges and single-leg squats as well.


Even without seeing the sets and reps, I think you’re wrong on that.

Other than that, x2 everything JMaier said.


Im splitting because i am 183cm, 64kg, with fast metabolism (skinny) and sometimes i can barely reach my BMR (on protein intake im good) so im afraid of training more than what my body can take.

Sure, i’ll do them as i progress


Ups. I changed a little bit the routine now. Thanks


Knucklehead, editing the original post makes is very difficult to compare what you were doing and it makes our two previous posts lose context. It would be better if you reset the original post and edited that last post with your new routine.

Do you not have a way to do basic pull-ups or chins?

These two things are not in alignment. Also, if you’re not getting enough total calories, being “good” on protein intake doesn’t matter. (5 bucks says you’re not actually “good” on protein intake 7 days a week.) Try following this article, but don’t get tripped up over the science they’re explaining.

Without fixing your diet, you’re going to gain zero muscle. And saying you’re skinny is a wild understatement, so the food needs to be sorted out ASAP. What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Lastly, I still don’t see any set/rep schemes, and that’s a huge factor in determining whether a training plan will build size or not.