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Critique My Routine (3 Full Body Sessions)

I want to make sure my routine I just wrote up won’t be too much or too little. I am 18 going on to 19 soon and recover pretty well. I love the whole 3 full body sessions a week thing. I am looking to gain strength and explosive power. I play pick-up sports with my friends all the time, so I try to stay strong and flexible. I have read many articles about Westside Barbell, Strongman, and Powerlifting. I sort of wanted to take the aspects from each that I really like. This is what I have:

Day 1: Strength Day
Deadlift: 3x3
Military Press: 3x3
Front Squat: 3x3
Bench Press: 3x3
Inverted Row (With Added Weight): 3x3
Side Bend: 2x8
Weighted Sit Up: 2x8

Day 2: Dynamic/Power Day (around 55% of max weight, still full effort!)
Back Squat: 4x3
Bench Press: 4x3
Romanian Dead Lift: 4x3
Push Press: 4x3
DB Row: 4x3
Alternating Plate Raise ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv2rM-0FVT0 , like this video except I will alternate over each shoulder): 4x10-20
Hanging Leg Raise: 2x10-20

Day 3: Strength/Power/Primarily Bodyweight
DB Clean & Press: 5x5
Pullups: 5xMax
Burpess: 3x15-25
-Dips: 3x Right Before Failure
-Bodyweight Squats: 3x Right Before Failure
Alternating Side Plank (Yoga-type movement): 4x 6-10(Each Side)

The first two days I work out at my school, and the third I do the stuff at home. I do sufficient warm ups and stretching after, so I wouldn’t worry about that stuff. Thanks in advance guys.

Eddie TheSavage Abbew does these too with a difference

wjen u raise it up at the top turn to left then lower then riase then turn to right…like driving a car

i do them every so often

Alright thanks! Any other suggestions?