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Critique My Rehab for Sprained Lower Back


I have sprained my lower back (Lumbar region, just above tail bone) over over extending my lumbar during a rack lift (I think I over extend at the start of the pull with my lower back taking a large percentage of the load). Also, I did heavy OH and push push the day b4 (I know I know, dumb) and heavy squats from rack (just above parallel) and deep squats (Now I really think I am a dumbass). So all this spinal loading may have led to my injury.

Now I have felt better and I was thinking of doing some rehab work, I was wondering if u guys think this is ok?

For the first week, there will be no spinal loading excerises, basically weighted dips and machine press for chest and shoulders, weighted chins and pull down for back and stationary lunges and goblet squats for legs. Also, I will be doing stuff glute bridge and dog-bert and agressive foam rolling on the hip flexor for the next few weeks, basically improiving hip flexor ROM and keep the lower back endurance and tight.

Oe second week, I will then start incorporating upper body barbell excerises into my routine (basically bench press and OH press) I do my bench and OH press usually semi powerlifting style, glutes tight, elbow close and at an angle and not flare out. I may also include good mornings and reverse hyper if there is ZERO pain in my lower back during extention.

Hopefully by the 3rd week I can go back to squatting and deadlifting again (not heay weights obviously)and also some barbell rows (my favourite).

Of course, the assitance work (glute bridges, dog-bert, good mornings, reverse hyper foam rolling)will on going throughtout.

What do u think?

I came across your thread because I’ve been having some lower back issues myself.

Unfortunately, this is not an area I am familiar with, but it looks like your rehab program is a bit conservative…I probably wouldn’t shy away from bench press and other upper body movements at all if I were you, as long as you can do them comfortably…but take my advice with a grain of salt…

My question is: what is a dog-bert? Google search only shows dilbert cartoons, which aren’t much help…

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