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Critique My Push/Pull Workout

I’ve been lifting off and on for a while, but got back on the wagon last year.

I had wanted to start a squat based 5x5 program (stronglifts), but my knee injury didn’t heal up as expected and I developed a hip issue, so I’ll be restricted to doing upper body stuff for the most part.

Here’s the split I’ve come up so far. Let me know if it looks reasonable. Thanks in advance!


WU: Super easy weight Flyes/reverse Flyes

Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Skull Crushers
Pushups 3xF

  1. Pull

Pull ups or Chin ups 3xF
Deadlift (if I can do it)
Bent over rows, one arm DB rows, or Lateral Rows
Barbell Shoulder Shrugs
DB or Barbell Curl
Concentration Curl
Hammer Curl
Wrist Curl and Reverse Curl

I’m thinking of doing either 5x5 or 3x8 for everything with maybe 1x5 or 3x5 for deadlift, if I can even do them.

The plan is to do Push on Mon/thurs, and pull on tues/fri. I’ll switch to a Mon/Wed/Fri alternation routine if that’s too much, though I don’t think it will be.

Thanks again.

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Some comments and/or criticisms would be nice!

Why not just do the 5x5 without squatting?

Because it’s a program based around the squat. That’s like saying, I like cheese and crackers, but hold the crackers…

I’ve put most of the non-squat exercises in here.

I was just hoping to see if it seemed like it was overboard or not enough.

I’m going to start on it today (now actually), so I guess I’ll find out myself.

Tried it out the push today. Will do pull on thurs or fri morning.

Ended up doing behind the neck presses and close grip bench press in addition to everything, but omitted the flyes.

I feel the soreness in my arms, probably because I also walked around carrying dumbbells for a bit to help increase grip strength since that’s going to be a limiting factor for me sooner rather than later.

Pecs don’t feel as sore right now. Probably since they’re stronger than everything else.

Decided to go heavy on:
Mon Push
Tues Pull.

Changed the 2nd half to lighter weights:

Thurs: Push for speed
Fri: Pull for speed.

Thinking 5x5 for main lifts and 3x10 for the accessories on mon and tues.

On thurs/fri, I’m thinking of doing 3x10 on the main lifts and doing 3x15 on the accessories. Of course the weights are going to be much lower. Possibly about 60% of 1RM.

How does all this look?


Give it a shot. When I was recovering from knee surgery I hammered my upper body til the knee was ready to go.

Also consider training your good leg. 1 leg leg press, leg extension, and hamstring curl.

I actually changed it up a little bit with the help of some others (thanks guys).

This is the new split.


Flyes etc for warmup
Bench (5x5)
Incline Bench (5x5) (alternate between this and OHP)
CG Bench(5x5)
Behind Neck Press (3x10)
Skull Crushers (3x10)
Pushups for exhaustion.


Bent over rows (5x5)
Behind back Shrugs(3x10)
Upright rows (3x10)
DB row (3x10)
Wrist Curl (3x10)
Reverse Curl (3x10)

Deads Day:

Deadlift (1x5)
Good morning (5x5)
DB Curl (3x10)
Conc Curl (3x10)
Hammer Curl (3x10)
Calf Raises (3x10)
Core work

I’ll start adding the extra movements (hammies, quads) to the deads day workout.

I have another question though:

When doing something like this, should I go (A) push/pull/deads/off etc, or should I just do (B) push/pull/deads/push/pull/deads/off to make a week. Would (B) be too much or (A) too little?

I don’t think I want to do the easy days. Not sure how they’ll help. If doing the 2nd push/pull/deads movement of each week easier is helpful then please let me know!

I’ll probably do cardio on the off days in either event.