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Critique My Push/Pull Program


So I've been lifting for about 10 years and the last 4 pretty serious. I've always stuck to the standard 5 days a week, one body part per day program, other than about 3 months of crossfit, (quit that noise). I've now changed to a push/pull type routine and I would appreciate some feedback. My stats are: Age-29, 5'9" 194lbs. Squat-405, Deadlift Sumo-455(just started these), Conventional Deads-570, and Bench-305.

Mon: Push (Heavy)
Squat: 5x5 I increase 5% per week
Leg Press: 4x5
BB Bench Press: 5x5 increase 5% per week
Incline Bench Press: 4x5
Push Press: 6x3

Tues: Pull (light)
Snatch Grip Rack Pull: 4x8
Pullup: 4xfailure
BB Row: 4x12
UpRight Row: 4x8
Hamstring Curl: 4x8
DB Row A1: 3x8
DB Shrug A2: 3x8

Wed: Abs/Cardio/Farmers Walk/KB work

Thurs. Push (light)
Pause squats: 6x3
Front Squats: 4x8
DB Bench Press: 4x8
Incline DB Bench: 4x8
Leg Ext: 4x12
Cable Pec Flies: 6x12

Fri. Pull (Heavy)
Sumo Deadlift: 5x5 increase 5% week
BB Row: 5x5
RDL: 4x5
Seated Row A1: 4x5
BB Shrug A2: 4x5
Face Pull: 4x25
Rear Delt work: 4x25

I know that is a lot to look over, but I appreciate your time. I have discovered that I'm not going to be a monster, but I'm trying to get my BW to about 205 solid (solid in my opinion is 10% BF or less). I've been 232 on my first cycle, but I was sloppy.


for some reason it didn't get my Tues Fri, so here they are:

Tues Pull (light)
Snatch Grip Rach pull: 4x8
Pullup: 4xFailure
BBrow: 4x12
Up Right Row: 4x12
Lying Ham Curl: 4x8
DB Row A1: 3x8
DB Shrug A2: 3x8

Fri Pull (Heavy)
Sumo Deadlift: 5x5 increase 5% week
BBrow: 5x5
RDL: 4x5
Seated Row A1: 4x5
BB Shrug A2: 4x5
Face Pull: 4x25
Rear Delt Mach: 4x25


Never understood the reason to take pull ups to failure. People can get so much more volume in saving a few reps pet set.

Also, 3 types of big lift presses... After Squats?

Love the rep scheme and Wed work tho.

Edit: I really dig PPL type splits so I had to chime in. People tend to cram too much in.


Why not Push/Pull/Legs/Rest then repeat?

It would really help your 'push' days since squats can have their own day.

And to give you more recovery, maybe make it Pull/Push/Legs/Rest so there would always be a day between deadlifts and squats. And you can still stick with the alternating heavy/light days.

You can keep the cardio on the rest day, and include abs/farmers walks and KB work on the legs day.


I've never seen this type of split before. For 4 days a week its usually a 4 day split or upper/lower split.


Also deadlift and any of its variations are technically a "push" movement. It often gets grouped in back workouts which are mainly pull movements so there is the confusion.


Thanks for the advice, I've just started this program and any help is great. My only thing is, my strength is increasing pretty steady, and the only reason I dont do upper/lower split is because it seems to be working, but when I've hit 12 weeks with this program I'm gonna go upper/lower


Why take any exercise to failure or even beyond?