Critique My Push Pull Legs Routine & Rep Schemes

Hi ,
I’m a (barely ) intermediate lifter who’s looking for some strength gains while not looking too bad either . I’ve been doing a Push Pull Legs routine of my own but I don’t really have a precise set/rep scheme that I’m following , apart from isolation exercices ( I end up usually doing 4-5x3 or ramping to one rep for the big lifts . ) . Could I have a review about my exercise selection, and some suggestions about a more “intelligent” rep scheme that I could be using ?

Here is what I’m currently doing
A : Pull
Conventional Deadlift : 3-4x3
Snatch grip Deadlift : 5x3
One Armed Dumbbell rows : 3x8
Lat Pulldowns : 3x10
(Curls if I have the motivation to do so )

B : Push
Overhead Press : 4-5x3
Bench Press : 4-5 x 3
Incline DB bench press : 3x8
Weighted Dips : 3x3
Rope Pushdowns : 3x10

C: Legs
Back Squat : 3-4 x3 (or ramping to 1RM)
Front Squat (cross armed or with straps ) : 3x8-10
Leg Curls : 3x10

Thanks in advance ,