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Critique My Pseudo 2-Day Split

Age: 53
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 205
Experience: Starting lifting about 10 months ago. No experience prior with barbells.
Fitness Level: moderate; avid hiker, some jiu-jitsu, yoga, etc.

Current TM
DL: 384
Sq: 315
BP: 192
OHP: 134

Sq(i) + FSL
sumoDL (BBB)
BP (i)
circuit dip/pullup/lunges to finish

Push, Pull, Legs accessory work to fatigue
(Pendlay rows, one arm DB press, pyramids on IncBP, RDLs, pause Squats, Leg machines, etc. etc. etc)

True rest and walking

DL (i) + FSL
Sq (BBB, pause/tempo)
OHP (i)
BP (BBB, varied grip width)
circuit dip/pullup/lunges to finish

Same as Tue

Active rest

Pretty religious about getting in my main lifts even when my schedule is nuts.
Pretty fickle about what accessory work I do, and if my schedule gets nuts, I might skip these days or move one to the weekend.

(modification of the program is not to “improve” on it… more of a scheduling thing with me)


This is not what you’re asking, but …
Main lifts more than once a week is too much. It just is. Squatting AND Deadlifting in the same week can be pushing it. What is the goal, exactly?

Just general strength and fitness.
I only lift heavy on the main lifts once a week.
The other days are variants with more volume and lighter weight.

I don’t see any major deficiencies and if it keeps you entertained and uninjured then go for it. It doesn’t matter if you have the best workout in the world if you hate it and can’t be consistent. I am a believer that any routine (for the most part) that you will keep up is better than a great one you hate. BTW- 315 squat in 10 months is pretty good. Props

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Yeah, those are pretty good 1RMs for just 10 months. So assuming that is more or less the program that got you there, keep going until it doesn’t work.