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Critique My Program


its down there now \/


Make day 5 a rest day.


I wouldn't train 6 days in a row, but if you can improve like this, more power to you.

Make day 4 a rest, and move legs to day 5. Then you have 3 days on, 1 off, 2 days on, 1 off.

Get plenty of sleep and food.


I agree with the above posters, put in a rest day in between. With as many exercises and reps you are doing, you might need a break in between 6 days of training. The program overall looks pretty good, your muscles will definitely be worked.


It looks hilarious dude. Just start off with a premade program from this site. Do yourself that favor.


That look like shit. Seriously, there are programs on this site that cater to exactly what you are are trying to acomplish. Read them, use them, understand why they are better they what you came up with. If you do all of these things you will be better at lifting and writing programs.


ok... wow

have u been making solid progress on this (if so quantify ur progress for me)... it honestly looks like u took every exercise uve ever heard of and tried to put it into a program

as someone else said grab a program from here and use that for awhile

the thing is a few select exercises, bench, bent over row, chins, military press, squat and deadlift, will basically develop all the mucles ur working on

beyond that some DB lateral raises and
calf exercises should take care of the rest


I think you would be best off scratching day 1, 4,and 6 then split back and chest, and get your arm work done after you hit your back and chest on their respective days.

So say

Day 1 Chest and Triceps

Day 2 off

Day 3 Back and Biceps

Day 4 off

Day 5 Shoulders

Day 6 Legs

Day 7 off

So for back day if you're doing chin ups, BB rows, and cable rows ... you should only need 1 or 2 exercises to finish off those biceps.

Do abs if you feel like you really need to at the end of each session.

I've followed a plan like this doing deadlifts on back day and my legs have been fine for day 6. You can also pull on day 6 and your back should be fine by the time day 3 rolls around again.

If you aren't eating or resting enough none of this matters anyway


ok it did look like to much...i took out some stuff and here it is now:

Day A) Arms
barbell curls 4x6-8
decline narrow bench 4x6-8
reverse curls 3x10-12
skull crushers 3x10-12
cable rope pushdowns 3x8-10

Day B) Legs
front squats 4x6-8
romanian lift 3x10-12
walking barbell lunges 3x10-12
single leg curls 3x10-12
standing calve raises 3x10-15
glute/ham raises 3x10-15

Day C) Back / Chest
deadlifts 3x6-8
dumbbell incline bench 3x10-12
single arm cable rows 3x10-12
flat dumbbell flies or cable crossovers 3x10-12
chin ups 3x10-12


I tried ...


i have been doing a back/bi, chest/tri, and leg split but i just wanted to mix things up (Poliquins tip 4: Variety is the Main Ingredient of Training Success) and TRY and write a program myself haha...is the split i wrote not effective?

and i completely understand the importance of rest and nutrition...they attribute to 1/3 of the results each if not more...


If you are trying to switch it up I wouldn't go about it by giving arms their own day and then splitting to bigger muscle groups such as back and chest.

If anything I'd go for an upper/lower split and let the size you gain on your arms be a byproduct of training heavy compounds with back, chest, and shoulders.

Are you aware you eliminated all direct shoulder work in your new proposed split? Or did you forget to write your fourth day.

Main point:
I don't see why you're giving arms their own day, if anything give shoulders that day.


Doing something different is great, but you're doing it all wrong. If you're gonna do something different actually do something different.

Try this:

Or this:


thanks! ill try the EDT program for a bit...i never wouldve found that..so thanks again!


I think it was a Poliquin split i used and i just put in some lifts that i thought would be good...An upper/lower body split is something i was thinking of doing..but would you suggest having two variations for say upper body? one to hit the back and bis more and the other for chest and tris and just rotate those two?...after the EDT ill try and work on this..thanks

yes i knew i had no direct shoulder work there..id do a few overhead presses and some lateral work but other than that nothing else...

this article "shoulder savers 1":

has some good points on shoulder work...about 3/4 the way down it even says to not do a full shoulder day...idk, what do you think about that??


Did your previous split stop working? Or are changing just for the sake of change?


I wouldn't worry so much about what these experts are saying you SHOULD do, and start concerning yourself with what HAS BEEN WORKING for you.

(if I knew how to italicize or underline I would have)


i feel like changing it up...I was doing mostly compound lifts with a chest/tri, back/bi, legs/shoulder split. i just stayed in the 6-10 rep range 3 sets with about 3 exercises per muscle group and thats it...only the past couple of months have i been seriously reading and learning about how to really lift correctly! before i found all this free knowledge (T-Nation), I was the "barbell curls in the squat cage" guy...sad, i know...we gotta start somewhere right? I did make progress though as a result of consistently going to the gym...i do feel like my legs are lagging though. I put a pic in my profile of my legs and you can see my upper body here...i used to be a long distance runner...i got wise fortunately


EDT felt great today...ill do this for a few weeks..see how it goes...thanks FlavaDave


No prob. EDT is the shit.