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Critique my program

I don’t have a set program but more like a selection of exercises which go something as follows.

Push/Pull split

DB bench press, flat, 30 and 60 degree incline (4-5 sets)
Weighted dips or emphasized eccentric dips (3 sets)
DB flys (2-3 sets)
shoulder press or deltoid(?) raises (2 sets)
Free squats (4 sets)
Hack squat (for quads) (3 sets)

Weighted pullups (& chinups) or emphasized eccentric pullups
(4 sets)
BB rows, DB rows, or machine rows (4 sets)
Varied grip pulldowns (3 sets)
deadlift (3 sets)
BB/DB bicep movements (2-3 sets)
Lat raises (2-3 sets)

It seems a lot better in practice than on paper. Basically I work down from the biggest exercises to the smaller ones. I always incorporate the big compounds, and kind of mix and change the smaller movements.

Generally I train every second day. Rep ranges change from 4-8 reps to 6-12 reps every four or so weeks.


Hello, ima repesent TC here and give you THE push pull workout.
Have used it and it works goddamn REALLY Well, once you do the proper weights that is :slight_smile:


No offense just try this and you will look and yours and wonder what possessed you