Critique My Program

I recently tried out Designer Athletes, but it did not work out for me. Trying to go heavy on squats and deadlifts made me feel tired for both lifts and I couldn’t push myself like I wanted. It made me learn that I like having speed days and strength days rather then strength and hypertrophy days.

This program that I’m trying to design was influenced by programs by CT, Kelly Baggett, Westside , with a little of Cressey and Robertson in there. Weeks 4 and 8 are deloading weeks where I’ll do 3x3 at maybe 75%.


Day 1-Lower body
Squat:4x4-6, 5x1-3
RDL: 4x4-6, 5x1-3
Speed Squat: 5x2 (45%,50%,55%),(50%,55%,60%)
Jump Squat:5x3 25%,35%
Vertical Jump:4x6

Day 2-Upper body
Bench: 4x4-6, 5x1-3
Pull-ups: 4x4-6, 4x4-6
Standing military press: 3x6
Barbell curl: 2x10
Planks: 2x30seconds

Day 3-Lower body
Reactive vertical jumps: 3x8, Depth jumps: 3x8
Box Squat jumps: 2x6
Box Squat: 5x3(50%,60% max squat)
Speed Deadlift: 5x3(50%, 60% max DL)
Pull Through: 3x8

Day 4-Upper body
Speed bench: (45%,50%,55%), (50%,55%,60%)
Reactive Pullups: 4x4
Seated row: 3x8
Close Grip Bench: 3x8
DB Curl: 2x10
Planks: 2x30secs

I know I don’t have any single leg stuff in there, but I had ACL reconstruction with a bone-patella-bone graft a year and a half ago and whenever I isolate my right leg, it hurts. Should I add some in anyways? I’ve read that if it hurts, then don’t do it, but I don’t want to never be able to do single leg stuff.
Squat on the first day after a whole cycle could be changed do deadlift or box squat.

This is a program I would use in the fall-winter time because I live in Seattle and I can’t really get out on the track like I want to do more speed work. You’ll probably see another program in the spring that I want critiqued.

Also, I use to be quad dominant when I ran, but now when I run I feel it more in my glutes. However when I jump, I don’t feel it in my glutes at all. My friend on the other hand doesn’t feel it in his glutes when he runs, but feels it in his glutes when he jumps. What’s going on?

What are you training for? Powerlifting? Looks like a good program.

My goal is to run faster and jump higher. Right now I’m working on more of the strength aspect of those qualities, but I feel like if I just work strength and don’t do any plyo/speed stuff, my body will lose its explosiveness, and I’m already not explosive enough as it is!

When doing strength training, do the concentric portion as fast as possible. This helps in the strength but also in power production. You should also add in Olympic lifts. There is a tremendous carry over to explosive sports movements.

I’ve used explosive reps for strength training. They’re very effective.

wow, like the first good “rate my program” thread ever.

In other news I think its fine that there is no unilateral leg work especially if you are rehabbing your knee. Once you develop enough structural support in your knees from bilateral movement then you can begin moving into things like lunges.


Yeah. I do try to do every rep as fast as possible. Of course I do the eccentric part under control, but I still try to do it as fast as I can. I did the first day of this program Tuesday and it felt great. I am sore today, especially in my p-chain, and it’s going to get worse tomorrow, but it’s all for the good!

I just wish I knew someone who had the same goals as me so we could push each other. I remember one time I was doing 225lbs, 4x5 of deadlifts. Some guy came up and was in awe of me. When I told him I eventually want my deadlift to be around 600lbs, he almost fainted. I guess I should take it as flattering when people say I am strong for my size at my gym, but all it really means to me is that I need a better training environment with stronger people around me.