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Critique My Program


For anyone that is interested, I am looking for some feedback on my curent program, as follows.

Barbel military press (standing) 5X5
DB side raises 3X8
Barbell curls 3X8
Stnading dumbell curls 3X8
Preacher curl 3X8-10

DB seated overhead tricep extension with one dumbell in bothe hands-- 3X8
French Press 3X8-10
Tricep Pulley pushdown w/rope handle 3X8-10

EZ bar reverse curls 3X8
"behind the back" wrist curls 3X10
Hammer curls 3X5-8

Incline bench 3X8-10
Flat bench 3X8-10
Cable crssovers 3X10

Lat pulldowns to front 3X10
Stiff arm cable "lat pullovers" 3X10
Seated cable rows to waist 3X10
Dumbell rows 2X10
"V" lat pulldown on cable machine 2X10
Rear delt flye on cable machine 3X10

Leg press 3X5-8
Leg curl 3x10
leg extension 3X10
Calf raise 3X10
Seated calf raise 3X10

Hyperextension, various ab work, external rotations on cable machine are also worked in. I work out 3-4 days a week. Usually rest 3-5 days between workouts. I alternate my splits week to week. Any movements or exercises that are missing or redundant?? I can't squat right now due to lowback pain, but plan on squatting soon. Thanks for any input. By the way I am 5'7", 170 lbs. been lifting off and on for twenty years. Losing bodyfat would improve my physique the most right now. I am working on diet and cardio to help with that.


Is this all in one workout?

I think you've listed about 4 workouts there, if it's one workout you'd need the recovery ability of a god, steroids or to be only after fat loss for it to be worthwhile.

If you're after strength and size you are waaaaaaay overdoing it.


It seems a bit random, and you have to keep in mind that a good rule of thumb is to keep it balanced; ex. if you're pushing vertically for 3 sets then pull on that same plane for 3 sets.


Man there are a lot of better programs on this site that fit your goals.


3 seperate exercises for biceps why?


Not enough compound movements. You should throw some chins, squats and deadlifts into the mix.Too much isolation work on your arms as well.


This is not in one workout. It is divided over three workouts. I am focusing on getting my arms and shoulders bigger. They have grown signifigantly in 4 mos. I have gained 20lbs. My bf% has gone up, but only by enough to account for 4-5 pounds of that 20.

It seems kind of random because I am trying to get hit some lagging bodyparts. Other parts are already big, like my chest, so I don't train with the same intensity etc.


you didn't gain 20 pounds in 4 months unless thats pure fat.


post him a link then.


My weight gain was definitely not pure fat. I have a much smaller waist and stomach, and better muscle sepration and definition. Some people are just easy gainers. Now, losing weight and getting really defined is almost impossible for me. I know alot of guys that are the opposite. They eat like pigs, do no cardio and lift half ass, but stil have six packs, obliques and are really ripped and hard. They are usaully don't have alot of mass though.

Read the article "Hollywood Muscle" on this site. It is a round table discussion about adding 20 lbs of muscle to an actor in I think 12 weeks. It can be done. Some of that mass was regaining lost mass form a long layoff of activity. That would make it easier to acheive those results, but the mass did not gain itself. I still had to lift, eat and recover.
I am incorporating some new ideas form the posts and workouts form this site. Thanks.