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Critique My Program...

First off, Stats: 17, 5’7, ~167lbs.
I plan on bulking to around 180-185 by early march, which is when I’m going to do spring track to cut down.

Anyway, heres the program I made…

Weeks 1-4:

Hang Cleans 10x3
Weighted chins 10x3
weighted dips 5x5
Cable oblique twists 3x8 each side

Back squats 10x3
Bent over dumbell rows 5x5
skull crushers 4x6
weighted crunches 2x8

Deadlifts 10x3
Incline press 5x5
Farmers walk 3x40 yds 110 lbs/hand
barbell curls 4x2
Cuban Press 4x6

Weeks 5-8

Snatch grip Deadlifts 5x5
Dips 10x3
pull ups 3x8
Cable twists 5x5
Cuban press 3x8

Squats 3x8
Flat bench 10x3
One arm DB snatch 5x3 each side
Cable bicep curls 5x5

Push press 10x3
Upright rows 5x5
Depth jumps 3x12
Close grip bench press 5x5
Hanging leg raises 3x8

good job incorporating a lot of bodyweight exercises…keep it up with the farmer’s walks…great plan id say… very sport specific

You’ve got over 20 sets in each workout!
How long is this gonna take?

You didnt mention warm-ups drills or stretching. What about warm up sets? Dont forget to add those.

Cut everything in half

[quote]Babalu wrote:
very sport specific[/quote]

Sorry I must have missed it - what sport does the OP play?

Also, any tips on bodyweight farmer’s walks?

OP - why make your own program instead of choosing one of the many great programs here? Anything by Chad Waterbury rocks, as does Westside for Skinny Bastards.