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Critique My Program

This program is inspired from the Texas Method and I have taken ideas from both PPST3 and Justin Lascek’s book about the Texas Method to include exercises that I feel will bring up my weak points

Monday - Upper Volume
Bench 5x5
OHP 3x8
Wtd dips 3x8
Wtd pull ups 4x5

Tuesday - Lower Volume
Squat 5x5
RDLS 3x8
Rows 5x5

Thursday - Upper Intensity
Bench 5x1
CGBP 3x8
Wtd chins 3x6
DeFranco shoulder shocker

Saturday - Lower Intensity
Squat 5x1
Deadlift 5x1
Banded good mornings 3x10
T bar rows 3x8

I will also be doing 100 band pull apart everyday

I have a few questions regarding the upper body programming

Would it be better to:

  1. Do OHP and CGBP for 3x8 on Tuesday and then do both again for 3x3 on intensity day
  2. Do OHP on Tuesday 3x8 and CGBP for 3x3 on Thursday and alternate them each week
  3. Stick with what i have got and do them once a week both at 3x8

I’m betting on burnout if you don’t keep the weights within reason. It’s easier to overtrain than undertrain regardless of diet or drugs.

Would phasing the assistance in over a few weeks and eventually reducing the volume of the main lifts to 3x5 help?

If you’re a beginner I’d say you’d probably survive the program. If you’re a beginner, I’d just stick w/ 5x5. As you advance drop it to 3x5 and eventually 2x5.

However, if you’ve been powerlifting for a while, I’d suggest a different style of program.

I’d suggest staying away from the 5x1 intensity days. Keep it the same 5x5 for a few weeks. If you get to a point at week 4 or 5 where you wanna have a heavy weight in your hands, go ahead and work up to a heavy single that week for each lift - not a max single, but a heavy single. Then go right back to the 5x5.

Just take your time. Build don’t test.

Thanks for the input So you recommend ditching the intensity days? I see what you mean by not going all out but I thought The intensity day was a big part of Texas method I had though of cycling between triples doubles singles?

Like I said, maybe go 4-5 weeks of normal 5x5 training at weights you can handle without a lot of strain and then if you feel like you wanna work up to a heavy single then go for it. You really want to be manhandling the weight before you start making changes.

Weeks 1-4 5x5 @ 50-65%ish
Week 5 - go for a heavy single

Don’t go heavy with 5x5. Just work on good form and manhandling the reps until it becomes too easy.